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#MyRealExperience - Winners Feb 2016

It's time to announce the winners of the first #MyRealExperience competition of 2016. Before we get started we would like to say a HUGE THANKS to everyone who entered!

We asked you guys to post your travel photography, videos and even blogs using the hashtag #MyRealExperience and (as we expected) you smashed it!!! The entries were top-notch and came in from all corners of the globe. With such brilliant content, you gave us a serious headache trying to pick our winners (in a good way).

Don't be discouraged if you haven't won any prizes (this time) as we'll be holding another competition very soon. Once you have travelled with Real Gap Experience you are eligible to enter further competitions (providing the entry is relevant to our trips). Check out the #MyRealExperience Instagram feed to see some of the great photography and don't forget to give us a follow @realgapexp

Below are just a few of the great photos that came in...

For this #MyRealExperience prize draw we had some Amazon vouchers up for grabs. Our brilliant runners-up got their hands on a £50 Amazon voucher each, whilst the winner was awarded with a £100 Amazon voucher (not bad right?!).


So, without further ado...  Our RUNNERS-UP...


Sophie - @justanotherhappytraveller 

Sophie started travelling with Real Gap Experience in 2015, getting a taste for backpacking on our Thailand Experience. She really caught our attention with impressive photography on the Cambodia Experience, her eye for capturing amazing landscapes and heart-warming moments whilst volunteering with children is 100% worth checking out @justanotherhappytraveller! Sophie is currently working and travelling Australia on the Ultimate Aussie Paid Work programme. Thanks for all the great photos Sophie along with your awesome blog. Keep us posted on your travels in Aus!!!


Evie - @eviecoxxxx

Evie started her travels in January with the Little Laos Experience, moving through South East Asia and finishing up with the Vietnam Experience. Throughout her adventures we have seen numerous photos tagged with #MyRealExperience, all of which have been amazing! We simply can't choose our favourite with such stunning photography of her travels. Great stuff Evie!!!


And finally... Our WINNER...


David - @stratford9110 / Derpid

Our winner for this #MyRealExperience prize draw is David (congratulations!!!). David started his travels on the Vietnam Experience, this was subsequently when we first caught eye of the awesome imagery being posting on Instagram. What really surprised us was David's videography skills! Not only was David posting great photography, he was also capturing his travels on video and vlogging his way around Asia (check out the Vietnam Vlogs here).


On his travels David set up the YouTube channel Derpid, the videos on this channel provide a great insight of what backpacking with Real Gap Experience is like, providing insightful yet humorous coverage of the experience. We are thoroughly looking forward to seeing more of David's adventures and hope to share some more of his vlog content soon with both the Thailand Experience and India Adventure being featured!


Here's a vlog from David's time in Thailand which we love...

We would once again like to say a massive thanks to everyone who posted into #MyRealExperience and took part in the competition! Please keep posting all your awesome travel photography, videos and blogs as we love seeing what you guys are getting up to on the trips! Congratulations to our winner and runners-up!


To keep up to date with the #MyRealExperience competitions running head over the website. We'll be informing you of another prize draw soon and keeping an eye out for all your uploads!


If you fancy writing a travel blog covering your Real Gap Experience, send us a message on Facebook and we'll let you know how.


All the best, 
Team Real Gap Experience


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