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How to take EPIC instagram pics when travelling

Planning your travels and after some top tips for capturing the best photos? You’re in the right place! 

Your Instagram account has never been more thankful for planning a trip around the world. The stunning beaches, ridiculous views and classic food snaps are all begging to be uploaded! However want to make sure you’ve got the best shot for the optimum number of likes? George is our marketing guru here at Real Gap Experience, and as a lover of all things Instagram she has decided to share with us her top six tips for taking the most jaw-dropping photos on the go. Be warned however, her India snaps below will make you want to go ASAP!


1 – Capture the moment

Be prepared to snap that photo on the go. Some experiences will only happen once, so make sure you’re there ready to capture it! I managed to capture this photo from the back of a cycle rickshaw as we went through the gates to the pink city of Jaipur. Incredible!

2 – Meet the locals

To capture the true feel for a country and its culture make sure you interact with the locals. They often have the best stories to tell and can give you great insider travel tips! If you’re photographing locals just make sure you’re polite and ask for permission first.

3 – Use light and shadows 

Don’t underestimate lighting and the use of shadows to create an amazing photo. Sometimes the most effective photos are the simplest, so be prepared to chase the light and find the shadows. This photo was taken as the sun rising over the Taj Mahal. I knew I could never compete for a ‘classic’ photo of the Taj, so opted for something a bit different…

4 – Think outside the box 

Don’t just take the obvious photos. Yes we all love a long tail boat in Thailand and a jaw-dropping sunset, however sometimes you need to break away from the mould. Try to think outside of the (Instagram) box and capture the real essence of your travels. I love this photo of the cow – he was super friendly and just wanted a photo!

5 – Frame your subject

To give more emphasis on the main subject of the photo, try to frame it. I think this picture of the Taj Mahal through the arch is one of my favourite photos I’ve taken. It was a jaw-dropping moment and I only had a second to take it as the crowds were flooding in behind me!

6 – Insta-food

No Instagram account is complete without a classic food shot. Fact. One of the best bits of travelling is trying new dishes and flavours, so make sure you document it with a few drool-worthy photos! This vegetable Thali was my FAVOURITE dish when in India, I still dream about it now…

Want to share your travel snaps and get a claim to fame? Make sure you follow us @realgapexp and use #myrealexperience as we regram our favourite customer photos! 


Happy snapping!
Team Real Gap Experience 


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