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One month, or twelve?

Hi guys! We're officially half way into our ultimate year out and we can't believe how fast it's going! Only got a few more weeks in Sydney before we're off on our next adventure.
If you're wanting to go on an adventure but not sure how long to go for, then my advice would be- the longer the better! Time flies so quickly when you're travelling, so do and see as much as possible before you have to go home, because trust me, as much as you might miss home you'll want to go on for longer!
With technology these days, you can see your family and friends everyday with Facetime or Skype. Plus with Facebook and Twitter, you won't miss out on any of the gossip back home.
Up till now, we've spent 5 weeks in Thailand and 3 months in Australia, both of which have been amazing because we got to get involved in the lifestyle, which we wouldn't have been able to do if we only spent a couple of weeks there. Working and living in Australia has meant we've made so many new friends, which we may not have met if we were only here for a short time. Plus, working in Sydney meant we can earn a little extra dosh for the next part of our trip which is always helpful.
If you do get a bit home sick, then your friends and family can always meet you in the middle, like Becky's just done in Thailand! My family is coming to Sydney to make the most out of their free tour guide (me). The good thing about living in sydney for a while, you get to know all the little hidden treasures!
So if you can, travel for as long as possible and see as many places as you can! Check out some of Real Gaps Round the World trips and get started on your adventure!
Until next time,
Melissa and Becky

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