Our 'diving in Belize' project wins big at the World Responsible Tourism Awards! | Real Gap Experience Blog

Our 'diving in Belize' project wins big at the World Responsible Tourism Awards!

Here at Real Gap, we're all obsessed with our Diving and Marine Conservation project in Belize, Central America. Now, after ten years of being in operation, the team have won an incredible award at the World Responsible Tourism awards... and we couldn't be more proud!

If you're interested in either A) learning to dive in a pretty spectacular environment or B) marine conservation then it's pretty simple- our Diving and Marine conservation project in Belize is perfect for you. Earlier this week, the project won the 'Best for Responsible Wildlife Experiences' award at the WRT awards, which is something the team in Belize are delighted about! The panel of judges said:

‘We are focusing on organizations that are both committed to wildlife protection and to providing their guest with memorable experiences tourists will talk about and share with friends and family when back home. 

We are looking for organizations that have found the right balance between protecting wildlife and providing great experiences to holidaymakers. Their ideas and practices should be an inspiration to companies trying to achieve the same.’

It goes without saying that Polly, Jo and the rest of the team out in Belize work incredibly hard, and so to get this award is a fantastic achievement. Can you guess where we all want to go to next?

If you'd like to check out our diving project for yourself, you can on the Real Gap website: http://bit.ly/146Gzr5 Photos were taken by a previous volunteer at the project- Chris Tafuri

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