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Our Top Six Two Weekers

It's HOLIDAY TIME! We're so done with January, and to get our bit of escapism we're all booking our next adventures left, right and centre.

Not got a lot of time off you can take this year? Luckily for all of you lovely lot we've got our fair share of adventures which you can take in two weeks - result!

So, what our our trop six two weekers? (Bye bye 'Biza, HELLO Thailand!)

Big 5 Wildlife and Community: Want to head out on an awesome safari this year? Hit up our incredible private Big 5 game reserve in South Africa and see these amazing animals before your very eyes.

Bangkok to Beaches: PARTY. Bangkok. PARTY. Islands. Sunshine. Beach. To be honest, there's not one thing that isn't absolutely BRILLIANT about this trip. Malia, do one!

Costa Rica Turtle and Surf: We want to learn to surf, NOW. Not only will you get the chance to, but at night you'll be volunteering on our sea turtle conservation project - doing your bit to help an endangered species. Amazing!

Live with Lion Cubs: Who wanted want to play with a lion cub? Over your two weeks in South Africa, you'll learn tonnes about this amazing species - you'll even get to go out on a lion walk!

Koh Samui Childcare: Living on a Thai island, getting spare time on the beach and getting the chance to make a difference at the same time? Talk about a massive summer adventure! Go for 12 weeks and during the sale you'll be able to live out in Thailand for £86 a week too!

Bali Yoga and Meditation: Take two weeks to chill out, and learn about the art of yoga? YES please! Homework/the office will never be able to get us down again...

Want to find out more about our mega two week trips? Head to the Real Gap website - and don't forget, our sale ends VERY soon too!

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