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Photographs From Thailand And Cambodia

Ever wondered what you’d get to see travelling around Thailand and Cambodia? After checking out this blog you’ll be walking away with gorgeous visuals of just some of the views you can find around South East Asia.

Before we get started we’d like to say a huge thanks to one of our very own travellers whose photography quickly grabbed our attention – Joe Cleere: @joe_cleere on Instagram.

Joe’s photography is quite something and we’ve literally been blown away on multiple occasions with his camera skills around the globe. Over to you Joe…

Hey, what's up? My names Joe and I'm currently enjoying the summer before heading to university in September. Luckily for me, my gap year hasn't been all about exam results and getting into uni. I saved up some money during autumn and in late January I set off for Thailand to do the Ultimate REAL Experience

I was filled with nerves and excitement before I arrived but those feelings quickly turned into pure amazement. I was stunned by both the beautiful countries but also the incredible people I met. Both Thailand and Cambodia were unbelievable countries, the former capturing my heart and the latter opening my eyes up to the rest of the world (you can be pretty isolated living in little old Dorset!).

Photography has always been a hobby of mine and here I was presented with something new every time I stepped outside, it was almost hard to take a bad photo to be honest! I was apprehensive about taking my DSLR and lenses but I’m so glad I did. As long as you're careful and keep it on you at all times its very worth the small risk.

And now… in no particular order, some of my favourite photographs from Thailand and Cambodia…

'Relaxing by the river' - Sangkhlaburi, Thailand

photo credit: Joe Cleere

After the madness of Bangkok, it was so nice to have lunch in the bamboo huts and have a swim in the river. We were right next to the border of Myanmar and there were kids spear fishing on the other side of the river bank. What an introduction to rural Thailand!

'The Bamboo train...' - Battambang, Cambodia

photo credit: Joe Cleere

It's not every day that you ride a bamboo train through the Cambodian countryside, stopping for cows to cross the track on the way. This was definitely an experience!

'This is why I came travelling' - Erawan National Park, Thailand

photo credit: Joe Cleere

I vividly remember myself and a few others from my group saying this as we arrived at Erawan National Park. We spent hours here, working our way up to the highest waterfall and then back down diving in all of the others along the way. This was a good day to take a GoPro!

'Island volleyball anyone?' - Sihanoukville, Cambodia

photo credit: Joe Cleere

Another incredible day spent in Cambodia. We hopped on long wooden speed boats and headed out to the islands. Here we snorkelled with fish of all shapes, sizes and colours, played beach volleyball and had a barbeque surrounded by chickens and puppies. You couldn't make it up.

'Over the Mon (Bridge)' - Sangkhlaburi, Thailand

photo credit: Joe Cleere

Walking along the longest wooden bridge in Thailand is amazing. Another great spot for photography, it was a challenge trying to photograph this bridge from the best angle. The surrounding views were astounding and again, really immersed you in rural Thailand life.

'Watching the sun go down across the lakes' - Sangkhlaburi, Thailand

photo credit: Joe Cleere

Personally, this was one of the best days of my life. Imagine going to a massive lake, adventuring in the jungle and watching the sun go down from a kayak. Need I say more?

'Going to see Angkor Wat in the morning...' - Siem Reap, Cambodia

photo credit: Joe Cleere

Angkor Wat definitely lived up to its hype, despite the hot temperature and masses of fellow tourists. You really would struggle to take a bad photo here! Just an incredible place.

'... and Ta Prohm in the afternoon' - Siem Reap, Cambodia

photo credit: Joe Cleere

After seeing the Angkor Wat complex and a temple taken over by monkeys, we visited Ta Prohm (aka Tomb Raider temple) in the afternoon. It was as if you had been taken to a lost world and your imagination really ran wild. It has been said that the trees can no longer stand without the walls and the walls can no longer stand without the trees... A truly magical place.

'Yes, places like this really do exist' - Koh Phangan, Thailand

photo credit: Joe Cleere

Stepping off the boat onto this island gave me a feeling I will never forget. When people say paradise this is what I think of now... Koh Phangan.

And there you have it guys, as a keen photographer I could not recommend these trips enough, in fact I would recommend these trips to anyone who wants to see the world!


We're strong believers that images speak louder than words so go on... scroll back up and have a look through Joe's awesome photography again!

If you decide you'd like to talk about travelling then please get in touch at or call us on: +44 (0) 1273 647220

Peace & Love,
Team Real Gap Experience

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