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Place Profile- The Crackin' Cape Town

Sitting at the base of the gorgeous Table Mountain, Cape Town couldn’t possibly fail to shape up to its mountainously impressive nature. With penguin colonies, gorgeous beaches, a harbour and fantastic shopping under its African belt, Cape Town is one almighty destination- and the first in our ‘Place Profile’ series!

The top five things we LOVE about Cape Town are:

1.       You’ve guessed it, Table Mountain! The top dog of Western Cape, Table Mountain sits pretty at 3500ft above sea level, making it the perfect place to look down upon this fabulous city. You can get to the top of Table Mountain via cable car or by trusty main power (your legs may not thank you for the extensive work out though!) and the views are top notch.

2.       The surf haven of Muizenberg Beach- the home of our ‘Surf and Community volunteers’ project. Imagine a gorgeous, white sandy beach and you won’t be far wrong, and with waves that host the world's best surfing competitions, you know you’re in the right place to catch the crafty current!

3.       Boulders Beach- the home of the penguins! Located about 45 minutes south from central Cape Town, Boulders hosts up to 3000 penguins a season. Watch them waddle their way through this sandy haven, and remember to bring your camera- they’ll be plenty of opportunities to catch the perfect snap!

4.       Shopaholics rejoice- the V&A waterfront is the place to head! Set at the foot of Table Mountain and surrounded by Cape Town’s harbour, explore everything that Cape Town has to offer retail therapy wise in the stunning surroundings, you may just pick up a few pieces to take home too!

5.       If you’d like to explore the WHOLE of Cape Town with the experts, look no further- our last mention on the top 5 is our very own ‘Cape Town Experience’, which takes you around one of our favourite haunts over the space of a week. As well as showing you a handful of the above, we’ll take you around Masiphumelele, one of Cape Town’s townships- so you can see the locals way of life, as well as Stellenbosch (wine tasting anyone?) and Cape Peninsula. Ace.

So, we reckon Cape Town's the place to be! As it's their summer at the moment too (today it's a scorching 33c)- we want to head out there now!

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