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Round The World, or Round The Block?

Here at Real Gap Experience, we know big RTW trips aren't for everyone. To set out on a 6 month+ adventure, you need to be reasonably prepared, travel savvy and have exploration running through your veins. Others understandably, prefer to stick to one continent or even more specifically- one country. So how do you know what option's best for you? We've come up with a little criteria which can help you decide whether you're a RTW or a RTB (round-the-block, to you and me) type...

You know Round The World's for you if...

- You thrive on adventure. Routines are boring for you, and you'd rather be spontaneous than stick to some whack itinerary! 

- You like mixing up travel styles. You like travelling with groups in some places, and prefer to go solo along other routes

- Variety is the spice of your life 

- You like the wind blowing through your hair... (in campsites, tuk tuks, on treks- you name it, the gust has done it).

You know Round The Block's for you if...

- You're an analyser (ie- scratching the surface is NOT enough. After all if you're visiting, you may as well do it properly!)

- You know your travel type, aka- you love hangin' round in a big group like the Thailand Experience lot, or with animals like the Big 5 crew.

- You're looking to test out travelling for what it's worth. Investing less as a 'dip my toe in the water' exercise is a great way to know if you're suited to travelling.

- You LOVE Indian/Thai/American food and will only be content with 'that' type of grub for the forseeable. End of.

If you're looking to go Round The World, you're going to have THE time of your life. Many members of the RG clan have done the whole 'gap year' experience and rave about it, saying it was the time of their lives. But there's nothing wrong with just discovering one place either- other members of team RG have stuck to one continent in particular and their experiences have been just as rich.

How do you prefer to travel? Drop us a tweet and let us know at @Real_Gap! And if you plan on visiting Australia on your travels, check out our guide to getting settled in here:

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