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Sophie's Thailand Experience- Koh Phangan

So we finally arrived on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan! We are met off the boat by people from our hotel, who prove themselves as true diamonds by taking our luggage off our weary hands! We arrived at the hotel that Real Gap have provided us with and its clear that we are in a little piece of heaven at the beautiful Mac Bay Hotel. Here, not only do we have our own private pool, but we also have a bar and restaurant overlooking our own private beach! This is definitely the perfect place to prep our bodies and recover them for the full moon party! 

On the day of the Full Moon we decorated ourselves head to toe in Neon, after dashing to all the local shops to buy up whatever florescent items of clothing they had! Then, with wallets loaded and strict instructions given to us about the taxi return (3am, 5am and 7am), we were off to one of the world's famous parties! 

The party lasts for an infinitate amount of hours, although on the beach it officially goes on til 7.30am. Here, people dance on tables, buckets one hand, the other one reaching up the sky, fist pumping whatever the DJ has put on. There are professional body painters, pyrotechnics and a skipping rope that is on fire (the key is, if you can skip so fast that you put the rope out, you can get a free drink- a talent Cameron, from our group, did not have!). There are also food vendors galore ensuring you have enough energy to get you through to sunrise! 

I feel proud to know I was the last one standing from the group, finally rocking home at 12pm the next day! The after parties, if you can make them, are immense, all hidden up in the rocks, with the most incredible views of the bay! Definitely a full moon is something you will want to experience in your lifetime! Check out my top tips for surviving a full moon in my next post...

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