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South Africa : The Ultimate Travel Experience

We all know how hard it can be to choose your latest adventure. There's a whole world to choose from, and you wouldn't want to make a rash decision and end up in god knows where, would you?! We feel your pain #toughtimes

To sort you out, we reckon we should harness our combined travel genius and help guide you back on to the straight and narrow. First stop - South Africa!

Back in December, I went to South Africa for a good old fashioned adventure. IT WAS AMAZING. It was my first time in Africa and I had no idea what to expect. I'd heard South Africa was like a massive mix of everywhere you'd ever imagined and without going into a serious amount of detail #historygeekalert, it is. Tens of languages exist in SA, as do culinary dishes, daily activities (shark diving, anyone?) along with a splash of wildlife galore for good measure. So, what are my top South African tips? 

1. Travel along the Garden Route - get your Alan Titchmarsh on (yes I just said that...) and get on the road, we're going on a road trip! World renowned as one of the best drives in the world, drive from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town and really see some of this amazing country. On route, you'll stop at Plettenberg Bay (amazing beaches) Knysna (lagoon central) and you'll see some serious wildlife too. Our Big 5 reserve is located in Port Elizabeth - at the start of the Garden Route, and on your way to Cape Town you'll drive past our shark cage diving site too!

2. See wildlife. Lots of it. - Make sure you take time out to see the Big 5 whilst you're in South Africa. Keep your eyes out for the elusive leopard, the hardest to spot from the ferious five! (I was lucky enough to stalk a leopard during my time on safari. A massive travel highlight!)

3. Eat loads - South Africans are incredibly proud of their food; try out biltong whilst you're there! (Cured meat. YUIMMY, and addictive...). Compared to British £ and Aussie $, food is very good value - expect to be able to eat a three course meal for a tenner, EASILY.

4. Tick massive adventures off your bucket list- South Africa is adventure sport central, and the perfect place to really push your boundaries. Scared of heights? Bungee off of Bloukrans Bridge, the tallest commercial bridge bungee, and face your fears! Not your thing? You could skydive, swim with sharks, abseil down Table Mountain, ride on the back of an Ostrich (don't ask!)... the choice is yours! 

Truthfully, this list could go on forever - and if you're keen to get out there and actually see things then we reckon this is a pretty good bet. Plane ticket to South Africa, please!

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