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Common Misconceptions about Group Tours

We absolutely LOVE group tours. After all, we’ve got over 90 of them on our website…

For us, group tours offer the perfect combination of fun, adventure, socialising and unique experiences, all in one convenient travel package – plus accommodation, transport and activities are all sorted! However, some people hold some strange misconceptions that put them off group tours. We’re here to set the record straight:


Common Misconception 1: I’ll only see the tourist traps

Some people can be worried...

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6 Tips for Travelling with Dietary Requirements

If you have a food intolerance or other dietary requirement, then eating out can be a nightmare at the best of times. How many times have you been sat at a restaurant table with only one thing to choose from on a menu (if that!)?

Travelling abroad then, where you’ll be even more reliant on restaurants than normal, and dietary requirements may be less understood, can be a daunting prospect.

But fear not! Check out our 6 handy tips for travelling with dietary requirements, and take the stress...

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Last Minute Summer Holiday Trips

Looking for a last-minute summer adventure? Check out these fantastic trips around the world!

These adventures are all short enough to fit into your summer holiday but still pack a punch that’ll leave you with millions of amazing summer memories.

Don’t waste your days off lazing around the house watching repeats of Love Island. Book one of these trips and make this an incredible summer to remember!


Thai Experience (18-29 days) 21st July, 24th July or 27th July 2018

Discover beautiful Thailand...

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5 Things We Love About The Philippines

We recently sent RGE Marketing Assistant, Hannah, out to the Philippines (alright for some), to put our 12-day Philippines Island Hop trip through its paces. Here's how she got on...

The Philippines has been on my bucket list since I originally travelled through Asia four years ago but I just haven't had the time (or money!) to go, until now – but it was well worth the wait. It has to be one of the most beautiful and friendly countries I’ve visited (and the constant sunshine was a real bonus...

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Top 7 Coolest Things to do on an Airport Layover

Airport layovers, much like flip-flop blisters and backpack strain, are one of the small inconveniences travellers have to endure as part of the whole world-exploration package, but they needn't be a chore – especially if you're fortunate enough to be stopping at one of the airports below. Not sold on the idea yet? Check out our top seven and find out how an airport layover can be just as much a part of your travel adventure as the rest of your trip.     


1. Vancouver Airport International,...

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An unBALIevable trip

Cheeky monkeys, tranquil temples, unforgettable sunsets…Bali really is a dreamy travel destination. Our Bali Beach Blogger, Cai Paige, gives us the low down on his unforgettable week in Indonesia.

Fancy following in Cai’s footsteps? Check out our Bali Beaches trip!


Day 1: Arrival in Bali!

I got into Denpasar airport almost 20 hours after leaving London, raring to see the best that Bali had to offer. Arriving the night prior to the tour was stress free, as Real Gap had arranged for me to be...

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7 things NOT to pack when backpacking abroad

It’s time. You know that trip you booked ages ago, the one you’ve been counting the months, days, and hours down to? Well, it’s happening. Like. Really. SOON. So, in the hope you’ve sorted flights, travel insurance, up to date passport, money, visas, vaccinations and the like, you should probably now focus on what you’re going to be lugging around with you while you’re off on your adventures.


Firstly, make sure you’re kitted out with a decent backpack. The trick is to go for something that’s...

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10 Signs you’re a Proper Traveller...

The seasoned traveller. Most people like to think that’s exactly what they are, regardless of whether they’ve travelled the globe for the last two years or have only ever spent a few weeks over the last decade at an all-inclusive, courtesy of mum and dad. But actually, travelling’s in the experience rather than the distance or time spent in other countries. Think you've been there, done that, got the t-shirt etc.? Not until you've ticked a few key things off the list...

You know you’re a...

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Top New Trips Added this Quarter

On the build up to 2018, we've been busy putting together a whole range of exciting new trips, just for you! So, by way of celebrating the brand-spanking new year, we thought we'd unveil our top new trips here. Happy new travel year!


1. Canada Paid Work

Looking at starting over with a new home, new job, new country?! Well, now's as good a time as any, and with our awesome new Canada Paid Work programme, you'll get all the support and advice you'll need to make your (up to) two-year adventure...

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9 World Film Locations You Should Visit Now

If you're already thinking about your next getaway, but aren't sure where to go, why not turn to your favourite films for a bit of destination inspiration? There's never been a better reason for a day wrapped up in front of the telly...


1. Breakfast at Tiffany's – New York, USA

All-time classic boy-meets-girl movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's is a firm favourite here at RGE. The glamour, the drama, the will-they-won't-they's – we love it! Want to walk in Holly Golightly's footsteps? Take a trip...

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