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Thailand Footage - Derpid

THAILAND!!! The place where backpacking dreams are made into reality (just check this footage). Who doesn't want to set foot on Thailand's beautiful island beaches, walk with elephants through lush jungles or taste the distinct flavours served up in Bangkok's floating markets?!

Found below is some great footage taking you on a backpacking journey through Thailand. In these short videos you'll start off in Bangkok, exploring the sites of the city, trek jungles in Sangkhlaburi, swim in the waterfalls of Kanchanaburi & finish off in the tropical islands of Southern Thailand...

We'd like to say a huge thanks to one of our travellers David for providing us with this great footage! On his adventures David has set up an epic new YouTube channel called Derpid, dedicated to backpacker videography - we love it!


Bangkok & Soggy Jungle Socks

David has landed safely in Thailand having previously been travelling Vietnam. In Bangkok David submerges himself into the Thai culture by heading straight to the temples and cycling the sites of the city. The latter part of the video provides some spectacular visuals showing the beauty of the Sangkhlaburi.


Jumping Off Cliffs & Man Eating Fish!

Still in the stunning Sangkhlaburi district, located in the Kanchanaburi Province (Western Thailand), David embraces the outdoors and tries his hand at some adrenaline fueled activities. Once the fun has stopped it's time to lend a helping hand to the local community by volunteering. After working up a sweat, the team take a well-earned swim in some beautiful waterfalls. 


Walking With Dinophants

Continuing on his adventures, David gets the unbelievable chance to walk alongside the magnificent elephants of a sanctuary located in the hills of Kanchanaburi. To finish this amazing Thai trek it's of course time to head to the tropical islands of southern Thailand! In Koh Phangan and Koh Samui it's all about sun, sea, sand and good vibes!


Well there you have it people, some insanely cool footage of what backpacking Thailand is all about. For more videos like this check out the Derpid & Real Gap Experience YouTube channels! If you're interested in travelling your way around Asia with us, check out David's Vietnam Vlogs too!

Itchy feet? Don't sit there thinking where you want to go, speak with one of our travel advisors today, call +44 (0)1273 674220 or Live Chat with us. 

Team Real Gap Experience

*Not all activities included in these videos are part of the Real Gap Experience itinerary. Please see the website for exact inclusions.

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