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Top 10 Fundraising Tips

So, you’ve decided to take a gap year or a summer break and now you need to think about how you’re going to pay for it. You’ll need enough money for the trip, for flights, insurance, visas, equipment and spending money… so where’s it all going to come from?

Whether you want to earn enough money to fully fund your trip, or if you’re just looking to top up what you’re already saved, here are a few fundraising tips to help you get on your way:

1)      Make money from your chores

Start your own enterprise by charging people for different tasks. You could wash people’s cars, babysit, dog walk or even start your own ironing service (just be careful not to ruin anyone’s clothes!).

2)      Bake Sales

Get baking and you could find your sweet treats bring in some money – try to hit people around break or lunch time when they’re at their most hungry!

3)      Cook a Meal for your Friends

Invite your friends round for a sit down meal and wow them with your culinary skills – by charging them a few pounds to attend, you’ll cover your costs, make some money and have a great evening too.

4)      Everyone Loves a Quiz

Host it at your hall, at a bar or even in your house (just make sure you have permission). A quiz is easy to set up, great fun and a good way of making some extra cash – you could even approach local businesses and ask them to donate prizes.

5)      Clear Out!

Take a look at your bedroom. Now, do you really need all of the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years? Have a clear out and get some of your unwanted items on eBay or at local car boot sales to make some extra cash and make some space too.

6)      Sponsored Events

Skydiving, running, swimming… in fact, anything that’s going to test you is sure to bring in sponsorship from your friends and family.

7)      Get Creative

Make and sell your own Christmas/Easter/Birthday/Valentine’s Day cards. You never know, you could uncover a hidden talent!

8)      Arrange an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg hunts are great fun and fairly easy to arrange. Simply hide your eggs, charge people to take part and Bob’s your uncle – a great day out and a fun way to raise funds!

9)      Share Your Experiences

Approach your school/college/uni and offer to share your experiences of your travels with fellow students in the form of a formal talk or presentation. You’ll be giving something back and you might be able to get your school to sponsor you in return.

10)   Factor in some Work Abroad

Real Gap offer a range of paid work experiences throughout the USA, Asia and Australasia, from teaching in China to working on an outback ranch, all of which are great for travelling on a small budget.

And don’t forget, regardless of the amount you’re looking to fundraise or the way in which you plan on doing it, Real Gap will support you every bit of the way by providing company headed letters as proof of your plans, brochures or flyers.

Useful resources:

Books: (your local library should have copies of all of these)

• Fundraising for Dummies by John Mutz and Katherine Murray
• The Complete Fundraising Handbook by Nina Botting
• The Complete Guide to Fundraising by P&P Sterett
• Directory of Grant Making Trusts. Eds: Anne Villmur & Elinor Denman
• The Directory of Voluntary Organisations


Still struggling? Everyone here at Real Gap is a seasoned traveller so give us a call about your trip budget or fundraising and speak to one of our team on 01892 701 888.

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