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Top 10 Travel Must-Haves

So, you’re going away on your travels… but what are you going to take with you? Panic not; here at Real Gap we’ve used our many years of experience and our well travelled team to put together this list of our top ten things to take on your travels. You’re welcome!

1)      Money

Apparently it makes the world go round, but more important money helps you go round the world! You’ll want spending money for anything from paying for the meals not included in your trip price to buying souvenirs or adding extra activities onto your trip. We usually advise you budget for at least £60 per week.

2)      Credit Card

For those little emergencies and just in case you run out of cash, it’s a good idea to have a credit card with you.

3)      Camera

Don’t miss out on some incredible photo opportunities. We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of photos our travellers take thanks to the good old digital camera, and every single picture they take is a memory they’ll keep with them forever. Ain’t that lovely…

4)      Sleeping Bag Liner

It’s the small comforts that help particularly when you’re staying in fairly basic accommodation, and a sleeping bag liner packs small and gives you that extra layer to snuggle up in.

5)      Wet Wipes

Everyone wants to be clean, right? Enough said.

6)      Waterproof Jacket

There are some fantastic waterproof jackets available these days which pack really small too. They’re fantastic to wear when it’s wet (obviously), when it’s too warm for a thick coat or even to use as an extra pillow should you need one.

7)      Antibacterial Handwash

In some of our facilities, running water might not be available so when you’re working all day you’ll find a little bottle of antibacterial handwash will come in handy.

8)      Tissues

Always great to have around!

9)      First Aid Kit

All of our trips have been fully assessed for health and safety but it’s still a good idea to have a basic first aid kit with you. Consider whether you’ll need mosquito or insect repellent, bring some plasters for those little cuts you might get and any other medicines you think you might need. And if there’s anything specific you really need to bring with you, we’ll let you know well in advance of your travels.

10)   Passport

Ah, that awkward moment when you arrive at your departure gate only to find you’ve forgotten your passport or left it in the airport bar. Keep it safe and keep it with you.

Your online account, which becomes available to you after you book, will also include details of the specific kit you’ll need for your travels. Have a great trip!

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