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The Top 6 Things to See on the East Coast...

Looking to hit the East Coast of Australia this year? Sam has just come back from her year abroad in Aus... so here are her top tips for the EC!

1)      Sailing on Whitsundays – This was by far the highlight of my whole trip! After boarding our groups own private yacht and sailing into the stunning clear blue sea, we got to spend the afternoon swimming and snorkelling. We saw hundreds of different fish and sea life and the views were breath-taking. We slept on board overnight and spent the whole evening sharing stories over dinner and staring at the stars – It was by far my favourite night of all of my travels.

2)      Sydney – Starting in Sydney made the experience seem so real for me. I’d always seen the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Bridge on the TV and I was finally there! We got taken to press grapes and taste wine in Hunter Valley, which has beautiful views. This was right at the beginning of the trip and was a perfect way for the group to get to know each-other.

3)      Surfing– Obviously, everyone who goes to Australia needs to experience Surfing (It should be illegal not to!) I was really worried when I got to the surf school (I have no coordination or balance whatsoever) but after we were fitted into our wet suits and met our instructor the nerves eased off. Our instructor was very patient, and explained thoroughly what we needed to do, and after a few attempts I was up on the board and surfing the waves! 

4)      Whitehaven Beach – My first reaction when I saw the beach was “Wow!”  With miles of gorgeous white sand and clear blue sea, it was the perfect place to relax, sunbathe and chill with a cocktail… or two.

5)      Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise) – Named “The Magaluf of Australia” I knew I would love Surfers Paradise (who doesn’t love a Fishbowl?) With lots of different restaurants, bars and clubs to suit everyone, our whole group had a great time dancing the night away. The following morning we chilled on the beach with an ice cream and checked out the surfers!

6)      Kroombit Park - I never thought that outback life would be for me, but I actually loved my stay at Kroombit Cattle Station. The cattle ranch has 10,000 acres of land and stunning views. We got to chill by the pool, ride a mechanic bull and then had dinner and relaxed round the campfire. We even experience d watching a goat rodeo (how many people can say they experienced that?) 

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