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Top 7 Reasons to Do Christmas Like a Boss

It's November. It's cold. It's windy, and it's wet.


Luckily here at Real Gap HQ, we have the know-how. We do these things on a regular basis:

- We wear a lot of black in the winter, as it feels just that little bit warmer than any other colour

- We have our tea shaken, not stirred

- Running off into the sunset. It's fun and feels dramatic; leaving your house at the crack of dawn just doesn't feel right

 So, in short we're basically qualified to tell you as to why YOU should have an adventure this Christmas

1) You're Footloose and Fancy Free - and being kept housebound for the festive period makes you feel like a fugitive

2) The Turkey is the Chicken's B1tch - it only makes it into your fridge one day a year. Let’s face it, there will always be enough leftovers to last you until July

3) Pasty is NOT the look we go for – our name is not Ginsters, neither do we want to look like we’ve continuously seen a ghost

4) We Want an Adventure - 'Don't stop me nowwwwww. We're having such a good time, we're having a bau-ble' #terrible

5) The Classic 'Roast Potato' Showdown - because your brother always has one more than you and it's not fair. (Let the battle commence)

6) We Just Really Fancy a beach on Christmas Day – Who wouldn’t?! RG's Sam has and that's also not fair. Her photos are RIDIC.

7) Your Family Can Come Too - (if they must…)

Fancy an adventure this Christmas? Check out our Thailand Experience, Thai Island Hopping, Live with Lion Cubs and our East Coast Tour of Australia and save big time!

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