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Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer With Wildlife

Looking to do something with a bit of 'roar'? Volunteering with wildlife is as good as it gets... check out our top 6 reasons to head out into the wild and start experiencing life!

1) See a different side to the world: These animals aren't just cuddly and cute – and that’s not what we’re all about! Find out more about them as a species from the experts and take your time out to learn and grow.

2) Get to know them behind the scenes: Who else can say they've walked next to a lion, or tracked rhinos in the savannah?

3) Take part in essential research: On our lion projects, you'll be taking part in research which helps protect the species. Do your bit and lend a hand in an incredible environment!

4) See species you wouldn't see at home: The Galapagos, for example, is an incredible place to see and experience new wildlife. Far flung, exotic, awe-inspiring... what's not to like?

5) Photos, photos and more photos: Memories last a lifetime, but snaps help you remember them even better! New FB photos, anyone?

6) Because you'll come back and KNOW you've done something really, really good: Way to start the year off right? With a good deed!

7) Hands on time: With some species, you'll be able to get right up close!

8) Think of all of the social media updates!

9) Do something different -  diving with sharks? Taking part on this marine subject? Walking with lions? Volunteering allows you to do amazing things like this!

Check out the Real Gap website for some more wildlife inspired adventures!

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