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Top Sydney Beaches

Hi! It's hot, hot, hot here in Sydney and we've been spending a lot of time on the beach soaking up the sun - so here's our top 5 beaches to get you in the sandy mood...
1. Bondi
It may be an obvious choice, but it's the best for a reason! It's massive so you'll always find a spot; the the sand is lush and it has the best waves for swimming. Not to mention they film Bondi Rescue there!
2. Manly
Just a ferry ride away, Manly is the nicest beach side resort. It's got the best shops and cafés overlooking the sea, as well as a lovely beach. Only downside is its attraction to jellyfish!
3. Coogee
A little smaller then the other two, it's situated just further along from Bondi. Nice beach and seaside cafés make it a lovely hang out spot.
4. Bronte
Nestled In between Coogee and Bondi is Bronte. It's in a little cove and is a nice get away from the madness of Bondi - great place to catch up with a bit of reading/magazine flicking!
5. Watsons Bay
Watsons bay has lots of little beaches, including a nudist beach if that's your thin (oooo er))! A ferry or a bus ride away is all that stops you :-)
There's something quite special about chilling on the beach in our British Winter! Let us know your favourite Sydney beaches by tweeting us at @UltimateYearOut.

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