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Top things to do for free in Melbourne

We've loved our 'Ultimate Year Out' adventures in Melbourne, so we thought we'd give you guys a round up of the best things to do for free.
If you find yourself in Melbourne and are a little short of funds, then this list of freebies is perfect!
1. Free city circle tram - there's a tram that runs every day surrounding the CBD. It takes around 40 minutes to go round the whole circuit and it's a great way to get to know the city as there's a voice over at every stop!
2. Victoria market - you can get the free tram to Victoria Market and browse through the many different halls, stare at the mouth watering cakes and find yourself a bargain amongst all the clothes and souvenirs!
3. Harbour town shopping centre, Melbourne docklands - again, the free tram stops here, and it's a great outlet centre full of shops and restaurants. If you're not from Australia then you can go to the tourist centre and get a tourist card which gives you discounts and special offers at a selection of stores.
4. Street art - Melbourne is famous for its art and you can see a great selection for free simply by checking out some side streets which are full of people adding their art to the walls
5. Federation Square - this is a great square in the centre of town, mainly because it has free wifi! You can Skype home, chill in the sun and there's usually some entertainment there as well.

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