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8 Apps You Can't Travel Without!

Our expert travel team have put together an App Bible for you, which is going to save you a s*** load of money, a ridiculous amount of time and tonnes of space in your backpack... You are welcome! 

Collectively, having travelled to over 180 countries, we’re pretty savvy when it comes to booking hostels last minute, re-arranging flights, transferring that extra bit of money (sorry Mum) and it’s all thanks to these easy-to-use apps. So, we’ve rounded up our favourite apps that will help you navigate your next trip with ease.


TravelPod is a free blogging app built to share your memories, photos and videos with friends and family on-the-go from your phone/ipad/ipod.

Recommended by our Operations Guru, Hannah who used this app religiously during her travels- “I updated the info whilst I was travelling in between destinations and when you connect to the wifi it uploads all of it for you so everyone can see it which is such a good time saver and meant that I could enjoy taking in the sites when I arrived at my next destination! It even added all my pics to make a slideshow video for me when I got back”.

2. Touchnote

Missing someone’s birthday, Mother's/Father’s day while you’re away? It’s almost impossible to avoid missing a special occasion, but with this personalised postcard app, it’ll feel like you’re there! Get your travelling pictures printed on to postcards and send to your loved ones from your phone! What's more, is they get printed in the UK, so it’s a speedy delivery and only costs a couple of quid (they never have to know!).

Another fab recommendation from Operations Guru Hannah – can you tell she’s super organised?

3. Sygic Travel

This App will be your personal travel guide. Discover places to visit, plan your itinerary and enjoy your trip online AND offline!

Our IT genius, Tom recommended this app so it’s safe to say we can trust his technological judgement! - “Finding popular restaurants to eat at, tours to explore on and places to stay are made so so much easier with this app and being able to use it without wifi is even better! It even tells you how long each activity will take so you can time your day to perfection”.

4. Checkmytrip

If you've booked multiple flights along your trip with different airlines and you're unsure about how to organise them, this app is the one for you... CheckMyTrip saves all your bookings in one place so you can easily keep track of your travel & destination plans, including flights and hotels for FREE. You definitely don’t want to be carrying around folders of travel receipts and info, so make it easier for yourself and store all of the info on your phone!

This recommendation has come from our very own Flight Extraordinaire, Kali who knows a thing or two about travel – he’ll book your flights and then you can track them using this app – simples!

5. CaxtonFX

A question we get asked frequently is “How do I take out money abroad?” The last thing you want to do is take a wad of cash with you whilst you’re hopping on and off planes, trains and automobiles! ... Seriously, that’s a no-go zone! So we recommend using caxtonFX. On here, you can control your money all on one card via the app - just as easy as online banking but with exchange rates!

Our lovely Product Coordinator Hannah D (who spends half her time travelling around the globe to our incredible programmes) has got travelling down to a T with this app - “It’s so handy while I’m away to have the app on my phone as I can keep an eye on my balance and top up where necessary” - Because let’s be honest, you can’t say no to a spontaneous bungee jump, or a final day beach party can you?

6. Hostel World

An obvious one, but crucial nonetheless! HostelWorld is a fab way to book last minute accommodation whilst on-the-move. So if you haven’t booked accommodation for every single night before you depart, this will be your go-to.

Our super-savvy Travel Advisor Emma says she couldn’t have lived without it during her Australia and Thailand adventures!

7. Been

Travel the world and watch that bucketlist get smaller and smaller (until you find somewhere else you want to explore – obvs). Visually keep track of countries you’ve visited and share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. "Been there, done that ... and now I’m going to do it all over again" ;)

This app came highly recommended by our Well-Travelled Operations Manager Katie who has been to a whopping 5 continents and 34 countries – her map must be getting covered pretty well but her bucket list isn’t getting any smaller!

8. HappyCow

Vegetarians, vegans and all-round healthy eaters need fret no more while travelling! This app allows you to pin-point local vegan/vegetarian restaurants or cafes anywhere in the world. You can also search for vegetarian health food stores. The app provides you with an interactive map with directions, phone numbers and reviews for meat free travellers so you no longer have to let food stop you from visiting your dream destinations!

Thanks to our lovely Copywriter and Healthy Eater, Tia for this recommendation! - “I ate some of the best meals on my trip by using this app! I’m not a vegan or vegetarian but I like to keep a healthy diet even when I’m half way across the world! The vegan restaurants I visited provided some of my favourite meals during my trip.”

So, Dear Travellers, these are 8 apps that we believe will make your life that much easier, whether you're volunteering in Africa, working in New Zealand or Island hopping around Bali. PLUS it will also save you A LOT of money! If you have any travel app suggestions from your own experience please feel free to comment below!

Have a look at where your next adventure may take you ... there's no reason not to now ;)



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