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10 Reasons Why Travelling Makes You Happy :)

Ok, so you can probably think of a million and one reasons why travelling the world would make you happy, but we just had to share ten of our favourite reasons which we hear again and again from our happy travellers.

Your road to happiness starts here...


1) You Meet Loads Of Inspiring People Who Become Your Buddies For Life

2) You See Things You Never Thought Existed In Reality

3) You Learn What Really Matters To You

4) You Push Yourself And Realise What You Are Capable Of


5) You Do Things That Just Aren’t An Option Back Home


6) You Get To Help Others Who Really Need It

7) You Taste Flavours That You’ve Never Experienced Before

8) You Get To Hang Out With Amazing Wildlife

9) You Gain Epic Stories To Share And Laugh About Forever

10) You Realise How Awesome The World Really Is


If you've ever wondered why every traveller is crazy friendly & super upbeat, well these are just some of the reasons! Sure there are difficulties like running out of moolah, but you get through it and learn how to cruise on through, living the good life.

Sounds like your kinda thang?! We’ve got loads of travel options, from round the world trips to volunteer projects and paid work abroad. If you’ve always dreamt of globetrotting then why not get in touch with one of our travel advisors on +44 (0) 1273 647220 or check out what's available on the website.

Get out there,
Team Real Gap Experience

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