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Travel Makes You More Attractive

It's true, travel makes you more attractive, sexier and leaves you with an everlasting glow...


Travel gives you stories and stories are sexy. There's something of an early-man-around-the-campfire quality to this behaviour, the expression of a basic human impulse to sit down together and share news from elsewhere.Somehow a trip to Tesco’s at the weekend doesn't score as highly as a victorious bungee jump in New Zealand, or an epic scuba dive in the second largest barrier reef in the world in Belize. Travel provides new experiences that create great topics of conversation. With that in mind, all stories are worth telling, and, if told with sufficient verve, humour and exaggeration, they will make you sexier.


Maybe, you think, I could do that too. And you definitely can. Travel stories can encourage others to dream and give them hope. Your stories might be the reason that your friend books their trip after coming back and sharing your adventure, or maybe your friend is the one that inspries you to see amazing places. Just think of all the great stories you'll have to tell when you get back.Travel to inspire and be inspired by those that travel.


Does travel make you a better person? Okay, we can’t exactly provide solid evidence that by hopping over the water you’ll instantly become ‘Alex the Great’, BUT there is no doubt you’ll become more tolerant and down to earth as a person - and that in itself is pretty great!


You are the only you. Despite how you are perceived by others at home, as soon as you enter a new country, remember, you instantly become more exotic. Just being yourself somewhere unfamiliar can make you sexy. An accent is your gateway to conversation. Someone merely complimenting your accent can be extremely endearing and makes you feel special, and let’s be honest, we all want to feel special!


An all-year-round tan is attractive. But on top of the tan (queue some soppiness) - an inner glow that shines from anyone who has just embarked on an epic journey is even more beautiful! It's surprising how easy it is to spot someone who has recently returned from their travels, radiating happiness, wisdom and an urge for adventure. This trumps the tan easily as it lasts much much longer!

So now you have no excuse, if you ever feel unattractive or you're lacking a bit of a glow, you know what you need to do about it ... Download a brochure on our website and book your adventure!

If you want to chat to one of our travel advisors, either jump onto our live chat or call us on: 01892 277040, we're here to help :)

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