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Keen to Travel Over the Winter Months?

Thinking about travelling abroad over the winter period? If you're not too sure whether to head abroad over the Christmassy period, here's some advice as to how you can facilitate your time away.

Not too sure where to go?

We feel your pain. There's so much choice out there that sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming to find your perfect travel destination. Need a little hand?

We think you should go to Thailand if: you want to party over Christmas. The Thailand Experience covers both Christmas and New Year so you'll get two (full) moon parties!

We think you should go to India if: you love good food, enjoy the hustle and bustle and want to push the boundaries - the India Experience is your bag.

We think you should go to Peru if: you like a good old fashioned adventure. The Inca Trail is as good as it gets; Machu Picchu is a real game changer!

We think you should go to Australia if: you want to see what 'Stralia's all about. It'll be the height of summer over Christmas - don't miss out on Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef!

Not sure how you'll stay in touch with your family?

Staying in touch has never been easier. Over the last few years, the introduction of FaceTime on Apple products, Skype (which frankly, has been about for years) and texting/calls (even longer so) mean that your family won't miss out on tuning in with you over the Christmas period. We love 3's new Feel at Home sims (you can grab a Pay-as-you-Go sim and then use it abroad at no extra cost in over 15+ countries, including Aus, NZ and the US) and if this doesn't cover your country, a sim when you arrive at the airport the other end. 

Need Christmas present ideas?

(We know, it feels so early doesn't it!). We've found that on our travels, ordering things back online from a UK site is the best option. Just be aware that to avoid your bank blocking your card whilst you're away, let them know where you are.  Then, you could order away from ASOS, Moonpig (great for getting a classic Christmas card out) and the like so your family and friends don't miss out. Even better, scoop up bits and bobs from the markets whilst you're away - Thailand's especially good for this and postage is usually minimal on small items. 

When Should I Book?

Understandably our Christmas trips get booked up, so the best time to book is now! Up until the 30th September our sale is on, so take full advantage of this while you can! 

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