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Trip Inspiration: Himalayan Volunteer & Yoga Experience

When the weather’s gloomy at home, it’s only natural to start dreaming up all the adventures you could be having in a nice warm, sunny climate instead, which is exactly what we’ve been thinking recently, and this month we’re thinking India is looking like a rather appealing destination for our next travel adventure. So, let us tell you about our awesome Himalayan Volunteer & Yoga Experience – it’s ticking all our daydream boxes at the moment. 


An excellent two-week India trip to the...

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One unmissable activity at each stop on the Vietnam Travel Pass

When we asked Hannah, our lovely Marketing Assistant, to go and try out our brand spanking new Vietnam Travel Pass programme, she leapt at the chance (unsurprisingly) – here's what she had to say about it...


I’ve recently returned from trying out the Vietnam Travel Pass and had a fantastic time! The pass includes a hop-on hop-off bus that starts in Ho Chi Minh City in the south and ends in the capital, Hanoi, in the north, with loads of stops at some really interesting places along the way...

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The USA’s Best National Parks

Going on a USA adventure, or in the middle of planning one? Don’t forget to put plenty of time aside to visit at least one national park on your travels. With 58 to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one close by, but we’ve selected seven of our faves to give you an idea of what’s on offer around the States.


1 Yosemite National Park, California

If you have an appreciation for trees, Yosemite is a great place to visit. With magnificent Giant Sequoias reaching up to an...

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Unique Travel Experiences

It could be argued that every travel experience is unique to the person experiencing it at that moment, as no two people will feel, see or do exactly the same thing on their travels. But, there is a distinct difference in the experiences on offer to travellers in the first place; and some stand out as being one-of-a-kind experiences that aren't readily available elsewhere (our favourite kind), so we're taking a look at some of the most unique aspects of some of our top trips. 


1. Nepal...

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Freaky Foods from Around the World

A huge part of travelling is trying out new and exciting things that aren't widely available anywhere other than in that one specific country and, as most activities and variations of the same pastimes are fairly widespread nowadays, we can only be talking about one thing: food. Mankind's real best friend and one of our favourite pastimes, food is responsible for helping to sustain life, forging friendships (and helping people fall in love), and so we generally associate it with good things...

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Trip Inspiration: South Africa Horse Riding Experience

We often come across unique travel experiences that offer something a bit different or special – that’s why you’ll find plenty of choice on our website, because we want you to have an exceptional experience, not just a bog-standard holiday. So, we thought we’d take a look at some of our favourites over the next year, and this month we’re shining the spotlight on our South Africa Horse Riding Experience, the ultimate horse enthusiast’s trip.


A fantastic two to three week package where...

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How to Plan a Round the World (RTW) Trip

Fancy the idea of travelling the world, but not entirely sure where to start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Thousands of travellers each year take the plunge and book a RTW trip – and most of them aren’t sure exactly what they’re doing, either. Take it from us though, that world travel is by far the most exciting thing you’ll ever do, and if you’ve got time on your side, why not make the most of it and tick three or four countries (or more) off your list? As most travellers only get to take...

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6 Things that might surprise you about travelling in Cambodia

RGE's Matt has just got back from an amazing trip to Cambodia on our brand new 12 day Ultimate Cambodia trip. Now he's back in the UK, he's passing his advice on to you guys! 


Cambodia is one of Southeast Asia’s hidden gems. Nestled between Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, many backpackers will skip over this amazing country, but here are six reasons the Kingdom of Wonder should definitely be on your bucket list:


1. It’s absolutely beautiful

While Thailand's islands are (rightfully) well-known for...

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Keeping it Fresh - Brand New Trips We've Added this Quarter

At RGE, there's nothing we like more than chatting to our lovely customers about their fantastic travel plans which, in turn, inspires us to keep coming up with exciting new travel itineraries - and this quarter we've added some whoppers to the list. Looking for a new trip to get pepped up about? Then you're in the right place!


Costa Rica Volunteer & Adventure

If you read our blog on Costa Rica earlier this year, you'll already understand why we're so excited about this trip. Not only will...

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So you've booked your trip, now what?

So you've finally done it, after what seems like a lifetime of looking, deliberating, and planning, you've booked your trip – and aren't you chuffed with yourself? Too right! So now you're definitely going you can relax, right? Hmm, wait a minute, when was the last time you actually saw your passport? Do you know if you need any vaccinations before you go? Do you even own a backpack? Doing your pre-holiday prep will ensure everything is in order before you fly, and will leave you free to...

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