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Ultimate Year Out - Highlights

So, we made it back safe and sound, had the best time and have had a couple of weeks to recover... here's a run down of our highlights from the last 9 months.

1. Elephants in Thailand!

We spent a whole day hanging out with a pack of elephants, firstly going into the jungle and cutting down some bamboo for then, then heading to the elephant show and watching some awesome tricks, nearly getting stood on by one! Then we went to the elephant sanctuary and went for a walk with them getting to ride them for around 2 hours, and then into the river to watch them play with each other! It was so incredible. We even went for a kayak after, and even though it monsooned at the end, it didn't hamper our experience :)

2. The Hobbits!

Becky passed on this one, but when I was in New Zealand, I went to Hobbiton and saw where they filmed all 3 Lord of the Rings and 3 Hobbit Movies. It was so amazing! The detail that goes into it was so amazing. I'm a big fan of the films and this was like a dream come true.

3. Snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef

Even though this day the weather was unbelievably hot and I sun burnt my chin, the snorkelling was incredible. I love turtles and I've always wanted to see one in their natural habitat, and after snorkelling for ages, I never saw one, and then on the way back to the boat, there it was! Such a thrill.

4. Fiji

Just the whole place, the way of life, and the hammocks! (Fiji Experience, anyone?)

5. NYC

Its like a different world over there, everything is 10 times bigger then it should be. It was awesome to see everything you've seen on TV in real life. 

We could go on forever, but the list woild be endless. If you ever aren't sure whether to travel or not, do it, its life changing!

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