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Want to work in Aus?

Silly question, right? As we're staring out the window of our Tunbridge Wells office, it's grey, wet and pretty damn miserable. However, on the other side of the world in our Melbourne office we're hearing all about blue skies, scorching weather, and tan lines galore... (Jealous, us? Never!)

Not only that, but we've heard on the grapevine that the Aussie working visas are going up in price from the 1st January 2013- and not just by a measly smidgen, but by 30%. Crikey! To soften the blow, we've reduced the price of our Aus working visa package and so you can all go Down Under and earn a living for less. Our package includes a few cushty nights stay in a cool backpackers hostel, support from our recruitment guys in Aus, and access to 12 months worth of jobs. Bonzer!

So, 'how do I snap up this amazing deal', I hear you cry? Jump over to our website, that's how! 

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