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We LOVE Rio!

Last Friday, the Rio Carnival kicked off in serious style. As travel geeks we’d absolutely love to be there: the partying, the weather, the food and drink, the music- what’s not to like? Luckily for you lot a load of our projects are in Rio, so if you time it just right you could book onto one of our trips in time to catch all of the action for yourself! So, what’s up for grabs? Here’s a selection of some of our sizzling Rio trips:

Brazil Rio Footie Coach- Fancying showing off your skills before the world comes to Rio for the world cup next year? Our football coaching initiative houses some of the poorest children in the Rio favelas, so not only does having a kick about give you the chance to mentor them, but it helps keep them active and access to a better start in life.

Brazil Community Development- Want to work with children? On our community project, you’ll be helping out on a big project which helps look after young children as there’s parents head off to work. Not only is it incredibly worthwhile, but it’s fun too- play time, woop woop!

Best of Brazil and Argentina- One for the explorers, our ‘Best of...’ trip takes you around Brazil and Argentina, showing you the best of both worlds! In Brazil you’ll get the chance to see Rio as well as Iguazu Falls, the white beaches of Partay and much more.

So, where’s taking your fancy in the beautiful Brazil? Our dates have just opened up for carnival 2013, so check out the website, tell us what you like and tweet us at @real_gapOur star Real Gapper Danielle is off to South America on Thurs (21st) so watch out for updates on her trip on the blog!

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