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What Makes Team RG Happy?

Here at Team RG we're one happy bunch, and to celebrate International Happiness Day we thought we'd dig deep and see what's made some of our fabulous team happy, travel highlight styley!


Lisa, Sales and Customer Operations Manager: Stumbling across a wedding in Cambodia where the whole street had been blocked off for the celebrations. We stuck are heads in and next minute we were being twirled round the dance floor and plied with beer by the friendly wedding guests. At the end of the evening (it was a long one) we were presented with a lucky silver coconut which we then gave to buddhu

Such a great local experience and the kind of thing that makes travelling AMAZING!
Ian, Product Manager: Watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat was pretty spectacular, but then again watching the sunset over the Grand Canyon with a beer in hand was awesome too. Need I say more!
Sophie, Travel Advisor: Any kind of travelling makes me incredibly happy, but nothing can beat the moment I saw the sunrise on Kilimanjaro! After trekking for 6 hours in the pitch black, seeing the sun rise through the clouds was incredibly uplifting and definitely helped me carry on. Reaching the summit was a highlight too!

Laura, Social Media Executive: Seeing the orangutans in their natural environment in Borneo, Malaysia. There's nothing like seeing a golden monkey flash before your eyes, 2m away from your face! Fell in love with this little poser, too cute!

Charlotte, Student Placement: Being on the Trans-Siberian Express, leaning out of the window watching the countryside go past and the wind rushing through my hair!


What's been your travel highlight so far? Tweet us at @real_gap and we'll RT our favourites!


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