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What type of Oz traveller are you?


Everyone has to go to Australia once in their life, right? Of course they do and with sights like the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru and Sydney Harbour Bridge at your disposal, why wouldn’t you? One of the main stumbling blocks when it comes to taking the plunge Down Under is money and as the feeble UK Pound isn’t fairing too well against the muscular Aussie Dollar you’re going to need some funds if you’re planning on staying a while.
Getting a job while you’re in Oz is an awesome option and from dusty outback ranches to swanky city hot spots, this is your chance to meet the locals, see the sights and make some cash at the same time. 
So, if you’re thinking about setting sail on the good ship Australia and you’re not sure where and what’s going to be suitable for you, then check out the guide below which does its level best to point you in the right direction.
Party Possum
You’ve got your finger on the throbbing social pulse and from all-night beach parties to cosmopolitan city clubbing, if it’s jumping like a kangaroo then you’re guaranteed to be on it. No matter if you’re travelling on your own or as part of a group, you’re always the life and soul of any event and if someone mentions an early night then you’ll be off quicker than a bandicoot on a broomstick.
Best job 
Make sure you don’t miss a moment by getting work in bar or as a club promoter.
Best location
Stick to the east coast, especially cities like Sydney and Melbourne or beachside towns like Bondi and Byron.
Which Aussie are you?
Corey Worthington
Cultural Koala
Ramsey Street, the Whitsunday Islands, the Blue Mountains, you name it and you’re ready to tick it off your list. You’ll always be armed with an up-to-date copy of the Lonely Planet and will probably know more than the locals before you’ve even arrived. Early starts, long bus rides and plenty of memory in your camera ensure your Aussie experience is as enlightening as it’s enjoyable.
Best job
Try your hand as an exhibition worker or cultural tour guide.
Best location
Sydney has some splendid city sights including: the Opera House, the Australian Museum and the Art Gallery of NSW to name but a few.
Which Aussie are you?
Nicole Kidman
Lone Lizard
You travel alone, you enjoy your own company and the thought of following the crowd fills you with as much joy as bumping into Stefan Dennis in a dark alleyway. You, my friend, are a lone lizard. Nothing floats your single-manned boat better than uncrowded beaches, empty hostels and supping a morning coffee as the sunrises on yet another perfect day.
Best job
How about fruit picking or trying your hand at outback ranching?
Best location
Go west and enjoy the peace and tranquillity from Cervantes to Exmouth, commonly known as the Coral Coast.
Which Aussie are you?
Mel Gibson
Counting Kookaburra
You’re all about the Aussie dollar and thanks to the current financial climate there’s plenty to be made if you’ve got what it takes. You’ll be looking for city work but without the city lifestyle and if you’re savvy you’ll know to enjoy the simple pleasures as opposed to blowing your bucks on beers. Get yourself a long stint and save your pineapples*.
Best job
Hold out for something long-term where you can settle down and watch the cash pile up.
Best location
Head for Perth, Sydney or Melbourne, just remember to live cheap and work hard.
Which Aussie are you?
Andrew Forrest
Well-being Wallaby
Welcome to heaven as wherever you travel in Australia, you’ll be met by running trails, outdoor pools and miles and miles of sandy beach just waiting to be pounded. Surfing, climbing, sailing, you name it and you’re up for it. There’s simply no better place to parade your brand new bronzed look and from vest tops to hot pants, you’re gonna fit right in.
Best job
Life guard, personal trainer or sports coach.
Best location
Bondi baby!
Which Aussie are you?
Elle Macpherson
If you need more assistance as to how to get a job Down Under or if you’re looking for the perfect introduction to Aussie life then take a peek at our paid Aussie Work Package because it may just help you in your quest to bring home the watermelons**.
*Aussie slang for a 50 dollar note
**Aussie slang for a 100 dollar note

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