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Why We LOVE America: Top 5

Seeing as though Americans across the board will be getting their Thanksgiving on tomorrow, we thought we'd tell all of you why we're thankful for the USA!

Fast Food, Drive Thrus and Starbucks: Here at Real Gap Experience, our lives seem to constantly revolve around searching for our next meal. The thought of not having McDonalds, KFC and Burger King on the menu sends us into a cold state of shock (although admittedly, we don't have them too often as they're pretty unhealthy, and a balanced diet trumps all!) but we'll happily admit that we're 100% hooked on all things Starbucks/coffee. Drive thrus = amazing too, but the UK counterparts still have a lot to do- we need more drive thru Starry's!

Facebook and Twitter: I'm not sure where we'd physically be if Facebook and Twitter didn't exist. Imagine- face to face conversations, telephone calls?! (Humour me, people...). We love having a good old fashioned natter with our mates, but we do love a good ole tweet too. Zuckerburg (FB), Dorsey (Tw)- we owe you one!

Friendly People: Whenever we've been in the States, we've always had the pleasure of receiving fantastic customer service, endless smiling faces and bucket loads of 'hey ma'am's! Would that happen here? Wouldn't bet your bottom dollar on it...

The Beaches: Not that Brighton beach isn't a bit of a marvel in itself, but without telling a filthy white lie- we're a little bit jealous of the beach catalogue that the US hosts. From the rocky beaches of Maine to the golden sands of Santa Barbara, there's a coastline for every occasion (and a decent temperature to enjoy them with too, come to mention it!).

The Cities: We've already taken to the stage to preech about our love for LA, and our city-love-list doesn't stop there! Here at Real Gap Experience we have a handful of favourite American hotspots, but New York, Las Vegas and Washington DC are amongst the few that regularly top our list. Luckily for you guys, our USA Experience is 21 days full of pure adventure. You're welcome.

In short, we want to go to America again. Now. Taxiiiiiiiiiiii!

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