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Why You Should Be Using Instagram on Your Next BIG Trip

Hot on the tail of Facebook and Twitter as social media’s next BIGBIGBIG thing, Instagram has now hit the 200 million users mark. Not surprising really, seeing as though it’s the best thing since sliced bread!

If you get a bit snap happy when you’re away and you want to document your adventures – get Instagram. Simple. Reasons why?

You can easily update friends and family with what you’re doing, when you're doing it. Hearing about it over email or text is one thing, but actually seeing it is a massive bonus! #maketheworldjealous

SLRs? Nah. It takes a real trooper to carry a heavy SLR around all day.  Unless you're going to whip out the manual mode whilst you're away (who really cares about exposure anyway?) we’d say, for ease - stick to your phone and take a shot on Instagram.

Straight to social media. Uploading a photo from your camera to a computer and then sending it on is a hassle and a half. Keep it simple! From Instagram you can share your shots directly with your Twitter and Facebook profiles, meaning you’re about three clicks away from letting all of your followers know what you’re up to.

Look at us go... we've been all over the shot!

It’s all about the effects. From Mayfair to Valencia to X-Pro II, there are tonnes of cool effects on Instagram to really give your photos some extra life.

#realgap We've had over 1000 photos submitted by you guys at #realgap now, so if you're looking for travel inspiration - hit that up!

Grow a Follower Fan Base. Use hashtags to your hearts content and you’re sure to grow a fan base on Instagram. If you use popular hashtags (ie- word’s people are likely to search for) then the more likely you are to get a load of likes.

Look Back, and Sigh Looking over your best snaps once your back is always inspiring. It makes us want to plan our next adventure!

Follow us for inspiration! We follow a load of our Real Gappers, travel bloggers and other brands to inspire us with our travels. It’s amazing to see the world of travel documented live each day – it makes us want to constantly go away!

Are you a Instafan? Follow us at @realgap over there and send us a comment and we’ll follow you right back!

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