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Why YOU Should Volunteer with Children

Volunteering with children abroad is an eye opening experience that you will never forget. There are so many reasons why volunteering with children is an amazing thing to do, so we have picked some top reasons why you should do so!

1)      Make A Difference!

We all want to make a difference and give something back. Volunteering with children is extremely rewarding and can change you as a person. The children can learn so much from the volunteers and they enjoy your company as much as you enjoy theirs! It’s a sense of achievement knowing you have made an impact to a community.


2)      Make Friends Along The Way

You’ll make friends during your time that will stay with you for life. This experience is packed with memories and life changing experiences. You’re all there for the same reason and can experience it together. You’ll meet many amazing people along the way, including the children too! Working with other volunteers during the project can make it more fun and enjoyable for you as well as the children.


3)      Learn A Language

Learn a language from the locals and study the basics beforehand, a second language is extremely useful as well as impressive! It makes travelling easier in the future and makes working abroad simpler too. 


4)      Experience A New Culture

Experiencing a new culture is educating as well as a fascinating experience. You'll be trying new food, learning new traditions and seeing new places! You're not going to be volunteering all day, so free time can be used to explore the area and try new things!


5)      Looks Great On Your CV

Volunteering with children looks great on a CV. Employers get used to just seeing the same old on a CV, so ‘Teaching Children English in China’ instantly stands out! Volunteering demonstrates initiative as well as showing you’re a well-rounded caring individual.


6)      The Destination

A perk is the destination itself, because who doesn’t want to travel around Asia, Africa or South America?  It’s a different way of living and you’ll arrive home a completely different person. So make sure you bring that camera with you!


7)      The Children

The children themselves are just incredible, they may come from disadvantaged backgrounds, yet always have a smile on their face and a positive attitude. It’ll be sure to rub off on you. They are all willing to learn and can also teach you a thing or two.


8)      Because Why Not?

Because why not go on a once in a life time experience that you’ll always look back on? 


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