China Paid Teaching with TEFL

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Teach English in China
Teaching practice in China
Teaching children in China

Trip Highlights

  • Gain that coveted TEFL qualification!
  • Guaranteed paid work in China!
  • Get first-hand teaching experience
  • Learn the local language with included Mandarin lessons!
  • Explore Beijing and discover the Great Wall of China
  • Immersive Training in Beijing
  • Explore China in your free time

Trip Summary

Get firsthand teaching experience and gain your TEFL qualification! This practical and hands on experience is the best way to become qualified – at the heart of a school in a new country, putting your skills to good use! This programme is perfect for both those with teaching experience and adventurous beginners, so as long as you come to China ready to get stuck in and inspire the next generation of children – this is the experience for you!

Following successful completion of your training, you’re guaranteed paid work in a school and you’ll have included Mandarin lessons! Your role in the community will make it easy for you to fit in and make new friends, and during weekends you’ll be able to head out and travel.


Interested and want to find out more? Download more trip information and detailed itinerary HERE!

Itinerary for your first 13 days in China

This programme features an itinerary that is designed to equip you with all of the skills necessary to begin your teaching placement in China and introduce you to the culture and customs of the amazing country you’ll be calling home! Below you’ll find an overview of what you can expect from your placement.

Day 1: Arrival
Welcome to Beijing! You’ll have a day to get your bearings and recharge after your flight – we’re sure you’ll be astounded by this cosmopolitan capital and all it has to offer. Relax at your accommodation and get some rest ahead of your busy day tomorrow!

Day 2: Orientation
Enjoy an introduction to the programme this morning. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about what lies ahead and find out a bit more about living and working in China. Later this evening, you’ll enjoy a tasty welcome dinner where you can get to know fellow travellers and round off the day in style!

Day 3: Great Wall Tour 
Today you’ll discover China’s most famous wonder – the incredible Great Wall of China! This spectacular construction is over 13,000 miles long and you’ll explore a small section of it today on an unforgettable guided tour. 

Day 4: Free Day
Enjoy a free day to relax and explore Beijing. Why not check out the beautiful Forbidden City or hunt down some of the city’s best restaurants?

Day 5: TEFL Course Begins
Get to grips with the local lingo this morning during a Mandarin lesson. Then, get cracking on the final stages of that all-important TEFL qualification. You’ll build on what you have learned from the online course and get ready for teaching in the real world!

Day 6: Beijing Tour
Today, enjoy a guided tour of Beijing. It’s a city unlike any other and offers the perfect introduction to China. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about local culture and customs as you get to know this modern metropolis.

Days 7– 9: TEFL Course Preparation
Continue your TEFL in China Course preparation, as well as participating in Mandarin lessons, and Tai Chi and calligraphy classes, ensuring you have a comprehensive overview of TEFL as well as life in China. Each day you’ll have a 1-hour lunch break.

Days 10 - 11: Teaching Practice
It’s time to apply the skills you’ve learned to a practical setting and participate in some teaching practice! You’ll be supported along the way and will be well equipped with the detailed TEFL training you’ve undergone. You’ll be supervised by your knowledgeable and supportive TEFL leaders, so this is a brilliant opportunity to practice your skills in a welcoming setting. On the evening of day 11, you’ll sit down to a celebratory graduation meal!

Day 12: Travel to placement
Today you’ll be heading off to your placement! You’ve put your skills into practice, so now it’s time to step into a fulfilling TEFL role and continue your adventure!

Day 13 onwards: Teaching placement
For the rest of your time in China you will be working at your teaching placement. During your orientation period our local team will discuss your specific placement with you. 

Please note itineraries and activities are subject to change. 

Becoming Qualified

Your training is a rewarding aspect of getting stuck into our Paid Teaching in China programme! The training is split into three components which are outlined below.

Part One: 120 Hour Online TEFL Certification

  • You’ll complete a 120-hour online TEFL Certification before you arrive in China
  • You’ll be guided through the stages of becoming a confident, adept and skilled teacher
  • The course is a globally recognised qualification
  • The course is certified by the ODLQC
  • This course is suitable for total beginners

Part Two: Immersive Training

  • Learn more about the country you’ll be calling home as you tour Beijing and the Great Wall of China
  • 7 hours of Mandarin lessons
  • Cultural classes, including Tai Chi and calligraphy
  • Get 20 hours of face-to-face TEFL training where you’ll become equipped with the skills necessary to successfully complete your internship
  • Enjoy supervised, supportive teaching practice led by our experienced TEFL trainers

Part Three: Teaching Internship

  • Begin your placement in one of the partner schools across China
  • Participate in 2 hours of Mandarin lessons each week
  • Get stuck into professional tasks, preparing lessons, teaching, and participating in meetings and activities
  • 35 hours total per week: 10-15 hours in class in addition to office hours
  • Monthly Stipend of approx Chinese RMB 2000 per month
  • Upon successful completion of placement, participants receive a Completion Bonus of approx Chinese RMB 2500

(Please note amounts quoted for monthly stipend and completion bonus may vary and are subject to change). 

The Application Process

Before you apply, it is important to be aware of the fact that a pivotal part of this experience is the fact that you’ll be immersing yourself in an entirely new culture. While this is one of the most beneficial aspects of the programme, you should bear in mind the fact that you’ll expected to be culturally considerate at all times and should endeavour to respect and adhere to the customs of the country. For example, particular standards of dress must be upheld, and visible body piercings and tattoos are not acceptable. You’ll soon become immersed in this fascinating country, and learning about Chinese culture is a great way to ensure you’ll feel at home in no time!

The early stages of your application process will involve an interview, and you’ll need to complete an online application form and provide us with your application documents. Within one week of these documents being sent off you’ll be informed whether or not you’ve been accepted onto the programme. You’ll then pay the remaining fees and we will set you up on the Online TEFL course.

We’ll arrange the Invitation Letter for you and a copy of will be emailed to you for reference. The original copy will be couriered to you, and you can then proceed with your visa application. 

Application Deadlines

Please note that applications close approximately 2 months prior to the programme start date. 


  • Airport pick up and transfer
  • 120-hour Online TEFL Qualification
  • 20 hours of face-to-face TEFL training
  • Supervised teaching practice
  • Assistance with Visa application
  • Welcome dinner
  • Beijing city tour
  • Great Wall of China tour
  • Mandarin language lessons
  • Tai Chi and Calligraphy sessions
  • Briefing on Chinese customs and important information
  • Accommodation
  • Meals (except at weekends and during school holidays)
  • 24/7 support from in-country team for the duration of your programme

  • Flights
  • Visa costs
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • DBS/Police Check
  • Optional activities


During the training weeks you will live in shared apartments with 2 to 4 people, also training with you. If you are travelling as a couple, it is possible for you to be placed together in the same accommodation during the training period. 

Your placement accommodation will vary between schools as each has a different format. You will have your own room and will usually have access to shared communal facilities in the school. By western standards, the accommodation may be considered basic, but by Chinese standards the accommodation provided to foreign teachers is spacious and comparatively of high standard.

During the training you will eat in the university canteen. At the school meals are served in a dining hall. There is usually a separate staff dining hall. Western meals are not served – and you should try to become competent in using chopsticks as soon as possible! Chinese food is fresh, but milk, potatoes, bread and coffee are rare. Rice and tea are staples, but every meal offers a variety of dishes.

Chinese meals are similar throughout the day - breakfast, lunch and dinner will have little to differentiate them. Western food can be purchased in the cities, but the quality may vary and it is relatively expensive.


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Please do not book your flight until you have received your acceptance letter confirming your place on the programme. You will need to have booked flights when you come to apply for your visa one month before departure. Please check with the Chinese embassy for further information.

Your flight to China should arrive at Beijing Airport on your programme start date, ideally between 6am and 6pm in order to minimise waiting times at the airport on arrival; if you are unable to arrive within these times please contact us for further information. You should book a return ticket which is changeable as your programme end date will not be confirmed until you are in China. A provisional programme end date has been added, please note this will not be confirmed until you are in-country.

To arrange your flights, contact our fantastic flights team on 01892 277037 or email them at [email protected] They will be able to search for the best flight offers to your chosen destinations, so you can plan and organise your trip in one place. Just make sure you give them your full name, as stated in your passport, along with your chosen departure dates, return dates, and any other details you want to include.

It is important that, once you have booked your flights, you add these details to your online account or alternatively you can contact us with your departure date, the flight number and arrival time at your destination.


To be eligible for this programme you must be aged between 18 and 45 years old. The eligibility requirements you must meet are listed in the application process section of this itinerary.

Applicants need to hold a valid passport from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States of America, or any other native English-speaking country. Western European and Scandinavian passport holders can also apply, please contact us for more information.


This programme which requires an enhanced Disclosure Barring Service check to be completed. We can carry this out for you if you book this with us and your travel advisor will explain the charges at the time of booking. If you are from outside the UK you will need to provide us with a recent police record check from your home country.

Programme Requirements

  • Aged 18-45 years
  • Adept in written and verbal English
  • Eligible for a Chinese Visa
  • Completed education to at least A-Levels (or equivalent)
  • Good English grades at school
  • Appropriate personal qualities (maturity, flexibility, ability to cope with challenges, good communication skills)
  • Travel experience is preferred
  • A range of hobbies and interests
  • Copies of highest academic qualifications
  • Good health (no serious medical conditions)
  • No criminal/police record
  • Understanding of cultural sensitivity
  • Some work experience- either paid or voluntary
  • Previous study at university is preferable but not essential
  • Experience of working with children, such as babysitting, teaching, coaching - not essential but preferred
  • Please note: Chinese schools are strict concerning facial piercings, visible tattoos and non-conventional hair colours 

Application Deadlines

The deadline for applications is approximately 2 months prior to your start date. 


The allowance is 2000RMB per month (There are about 11RMB to a British pound) and is tax-free. Your allowance can be paid either by cash or directly in to your bank account. You will receive a bonus for the completion of your contract, which is RMB2500 for the first semester. The allowance is approximately the same as a Chinese teacher would receive.

Your allowance will cover basic costs, but will not provide for 'savings' opportunities. It is expected that all participants will require additional savings to draw on, with the cost dependent on the amount of additional travel and entertainment expected.


Approximately one month prior to your departure, you will be sent a hard copy visa invitation letter and JW202 form for your placement. You will need to take this visa invitation letter and JW202 form, along with your passport, two passport-sized photos and your visa form to your nearest Chinese embassy or consulate where they will issue you with your X2-visa.

Please note: The cost of your X2-visa is not included in the price.

Visa Information

To apply for your visa you will need the original copies of the documentation that has been sent to you via courier. You will need the letter and form to accompany the visa application form when you apply for your visa.

Please print off the application form that has been emailed to you and use the template pages to follow exactly how to fill out the form. Copy the sections in green word-for-word. The JW202 form and invitation letter should be presented to the China Embassy. You will not need to bring these documents to China, so there is no need to request that they are returned by the Embassy.

You are applying for an X2 visa. Failure to obtain the correct visa will result in a substantial cost to change your visa in China Please note that ‘Date of First Entry into China’ should be your programme start date.

IMPORTANT: Obtaining your visa is your responsibility and you should apply for your visa at a local Chinese Embassy or consulate. If you are applying for this visa in a country other than your home country, you may need to provide additional documentation as part of the process and above and beyond what is stated below. You should check with the embassy you plan to apply to.

You will need to submit the following:

Invitation Letter (original hard copy, must also be brought back to China)
JW202 Form (original hard copy, must also be brought back to China)
Visa Application Form - Please follow this template exactly as emailed to you, adding all personal information.
A Passport with at least 9 months validity after your date of departure from China at the end of your trip. 
2 Passport photos

The process should take no more than 10 days and you should receive an X2. Express services are possible to receive the visa in 2-3 days (call your local embassy to confirm).

Here is the link to the Chinese Embassy website for more instructions on how to apply: Visa for China

Please note that Real Gap and our partners in China have no control over the visa application process and any issues should be addressed to the relevant embassy or consulate you are using.

*Please note you will need to read the information thoroughly to ensure you are applying for the correct visa*

If you have any questions regarding your visa application or would like us to help you when filling out the visa please do give us a call.

Visa courier service

For those of you who would prefer a specialist company to take care of your visa needs, we have teamed up Visa Central who can offer your assistance and advice when arranging your visa/s for your time away; making your preparations for your trip easier and more straight forward.

To investigate costs for this service click here and select China.

How Much Do I Get Paid Per Month?

The monthly teaching allowance is 2000RMB - approx £200 to £250 depending on exchange rates.

Can I Be Placed At The Same School As My Friend/partner?

This is possible, so please make sure you let us know who you will be travelling with at the time of booking, so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

Will There Be Other Teaching Interns At The Same School?

Yes - there will always be at least 2 participants at each school.

What Kind Of Teaching Positions Are Available?

Generally, there are three categories of teacher assistant placement: Kindergarten (3-6yrs), Primary (7-12 yrs), Junior High/High School (13-18 yrs). You will be asked to nominate your preference of placement when you apply, but these are not guaranteed.

I Don’t Have A Levels, Can I Apply?

Yes, if you have an equivalent education certificate to show you studied to at least the age of 18 years..

What Are The Ages And Nationalities Of Others On The Programme

The ages of participants varies from 18-45 years. However, the majority of participants are between 21 and 30 years old. Previous participants have come from the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Norway, Netherlands and many more!

Do I Have To Be University Educated?

You must be educated to a secondary school level and able to provide proof of these qualifications.

Do I Have To Be Fluent In English To Do This Trip?

Yes, you must be adept in spoken and written English. You will be asked to provide evidence of strong grades in an English qualification at secondary level or above. Speaking English is an integral aspect of this programme. Once you have arrived, you will be given Mandarin lessons that will assist you during your time in China.

How Much Do I Have To Pay To Book Onto This Trip?

A deposit of £500 is required for the trip and your remaining balance is due 90 days prior to departure. The Payment Plan is not available on this trip.


Please note 2019 dates are subject to change.
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