FAQs Australia

Thinking about heading off to Australia to work for a year? (Yeah we thought so, talk about a great gig!).


To help you guys out, we thought we'd put together some FAQs so you can try and picture whether or not a year abroad is for you!


Question Time...


Q – Do I need to have a certain amount of money in my account when I arrive in Australia and if so how much?

A – You will need to have at least $5,000 AUD in your account to prove to the Australian government that you can support yourself. There's a possibility that you may be asked to prove this when you land in an Aussie airport, so be prepared! An original copy of a bank statement (that's dated within the month) should be sufficient.


Q – What happens during the first seven days in regards to accommodation etc..?

A – That all depends on your package compadre! If you're looking for an extra helping hand, check out our 'Aussie Work and Sydney Intro' package, which will show you all that Sydney has to offer, as well as being on hand for a week and having a weeks accommo sorted. Our 'Ultimate Aussie package' also gives you extra support during your first few days in Sydney (either 3 or 5 days depending on your choice) and then the Australia Paid Work offers a simpler option with accommodation for up to the first week tied in. You'll know Sydney like the back of your hand in no time!


Q- Where will I stay after this time is up?

You could choose to stay in an apartment, get a house share with others, a hostel... anywhere you like!


Q – Am I definitely guaranteed to find work?

A – If you are serious, proactive and flexible, then you should have no problem at all! 


Q – Can I work anywhere in Australia?

A – Course! We don't restrict our Real Gappers from moving to other parts of Australia, but admittedly it's easiest to find a job in Sydney (or another big city!)!


Q – What are the main types of work that I could get?

A – Casual work will be on the agenda... so anything from bar work, retail, temping in an office, labouring, hospitality... there's loads of choice.


Q – Can I get a job relevant to my qualifications?

A – There is nothing stopping you from getting your dream job, but you definitely have to be flexible, as it depends what's available at the time!


Q – Am I able to apply and get a job before I arrive?

A – Unfortunately no, as this would go against the visa agreement. (Sorry!)


Q – How much can I roughly earn?

A – It completely depends on what sector you're working in, but in general minimum wage is higher than the UK and most earn approx $20+ an hour. 


Q - What's the best time to travel?

A – It's always a little harder to get work just before Christmas, but to be honest it's good to go all year round!


Q – Are flights included?

A – Unfortunately no, and neither is your spending money *cheeky!* but once you've booked your place we will contact you about the best available prices. 


Q – Can I pre-book any sightseeing trips for my time out there to ease myself into the Down Under culture easier?

A – You sure can buddy! Take a look at what else we offer in Aus and see what takes your fancy!