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Experiences & Adventures

We've got a load of options when it comes to mind-blowing travel. However before you start scrolling through our awesome selection, it's good to read-up on the types of trips available;

Experience - You'll get some free time but a member of our in-country team will be available 24/7 taking you to all the iconic locations along with secret 'off the radar' spots. All of our Experiences include cultural activities (cookery lessons anyone?); with some also incorporating volunteer work so you can give something back to a local community.

Adventure - You'll have a load of free time so if you're a bit more independent, this is the trip for you! Designed to structure your travel through a country, there's less 'hand-holding' than an Experience. Some self-travel will be required but you'll still have the security of our in-country team being around to help out. Cultural activities and volunteer work are also available.

Got any questions about your gap year travel plans? Ask our team now.

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