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Career Breaks

Taking time out of your career to see the world is becoming increasingly popular, and we can see why! It's so exciting planning a massive trip, and here at Real Gap Experience we want to make your trip of a lifetime as epic as possible!

Why take a career break or sabbatical?

If you're bored of your daily routine and want a change, then going travelling can really spice up your life! Seeing new things each and every day, experiencing a new culture and getting stuck in with all that life throws at you is just part of the fun- and the best part is that your trip is completely down to you!

How easy is it to do?

Admittedly it's becoming increasingly easier to take a sabbatical off of work. Many larger companies are now seeing the benefits of offering their staff the chance to take a sabbatical; it's definitely something worth talking to your boss about!

Where can I go and what do I do?

You can do anything you want! The world's your oyster; you could go over to Asia- island hop around Thailand, see Angkor Wat, walk along the Great Wall, explore Australia, see the beautiful New Zealand... there's too much to even mention! Either way, we can help you decide- our team are experts when it comes to travel and they dish out some mighty good advice! 

Want a bit of travel inspiration? Download our Real Gap Experience brochure packed with loads of travel tips here.