Where Should I Go Travelling?

Choosing where you want to go in your gap year is a job and a half. As we take you guys to over 50 countries there's some serious narrow down-ing to do, so it all knuckles down to what type of person you are. If you're not the best with languages, then maybe heading to somewhere where english is spoken pretty well- like Thailand, or natively spoken like Australia, would be the most ideal. If however you're a free spirit who thrives on adventure then maybe somewhere like China, Ecuador or Namibia could be more of a challenge for you? 

Either way, we've put together some little tips of how to put your itinerary together (you can thank us later!)


1. Download the brochure!

Make sure you've downloaded our Real Gap Experience brochure. Packed with loads of destination info and top tips it's perfect for that bit of inspiration! Download the brochure HERE.


2. Get a second and third opinion

Can't decide where to go? Ask your nearest and dearest for some advice! If know you, they'll know where you have the potential to really enjoy. You could also ring our star travel advisors - they give some mighty good advice!


3. To rough it or not to rough it!

Some of the accommodation in our epic Real Gap Experience adventures can be pretty basic, like huts or camping. For many of our awesome past customers going back to nature is all part of the experience and sleeping under the stars is one of the highlights of their trip, but if you've hated every camping trip you've ever been on- it probably won't be your cup of tea!

If you'd prefer to go with the 'not rough it' option, you could always ask one of our travel advisors about programmes that include more comfortable accommodation- like specially built lodges, volunteer houses with good facilities or some home stays.


4. How much will it cost?

The amount of money you save up will determine a huge part of your adfventure, so it's best to start saving ASAP! Working is the obvious solution to rack in the dosh but you don't have to do it at home, we have programmes that help you find casual paid work overseas such as Aus, ot teaching in China. Some of them even include a guaranteed job offer, so you'll be sure of an income! The money you earn can be used to fund another programme or independent travelling, it's all down to you.


5. Like teaching kids?

Some people love children and working with them and others don't! There are options and opportunities to help people of all ages. If you don't fancy teaching teenagers, you could help take care of nursery age children, or work with adults. Some of our projects involve work with mentally or physically handicapped children and adults - these projects do require patience but are extremely rewarding.


6. Trips for Animal lovers

If you're more of an animal lover than a people person then wildlife conservation might be for you. We have loads of projects that work with all kinds of animals, whether it's the Big 5, monkeys, pandas (or much more) that you're particularly interested in!


7. Sweat, sun and sand or something more sedate

You don't have to be at the world class 'marathon runner' level to choose a sporty gap year, but you do need a certain level of fitness for sure! It can be a great motivation to get fit though, so don't go ruling it out now!