India Medical Internship

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India Medical Intern
Gain medical experience in India
Medical Internship
Internship in India Hospital

Trip Highlights

  • Choose specific departments to gain experience in
  • Gain hands-on healthcare experience in India!
  • Play a vital role in a local community
  • Explore diverse and dynamic Delhi
  • Stay in a safe and secure gated community


Trip Summary

Get fantastic medical experience in dynamic Delhi! This valuable internship will give you the chance to work in a number of medical departments, experiencing the rewarding role of assisting medical staff in a  bustling capital city. You’ll be volunteering in a hospital in the heart of South Delhi, staying in a comfortable, modern volunteer house close to amazing markets and vibrant sightseeing spots. This is an incredible opportunity to take part in a unique internship experience, advance your medical knowledge and get to grips with one of the most colourful cities in the world!

Interested and want to find out more? Download more trip information and detailed itinerary HERE!

This programme is ideal for anybody with a keen interest in medicine who wants to gain practical experience with the thrill of travelling. You’ll be at the centre of the action in a busy South Delhi hospital, shadowing medical professionals and assisting with daily practice. The hospital is modern and well equipped with good facilities. The fantastic thing about this programme is that it can be tailor made to suit your particular interests – it’s a programme that’s as individual as you are! You have the opportunity to work in a range of departments. You’ll be asked to provide a preference of 3 or 4 departments you’d like to gain experience in, and depending on the length of your internship, you’ll work on a rotation basis.

  • Blood Bank
  • Critical Care
  • Dialysis Unit
  • Emergency
  • General Wards
  • IPD Wards
  • Laboratory
  • Nursing
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Orthopaedic
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Radiology

Typical tasks might include assisting with administering vaccinations, shadowing doctors on surgeries, and carrying out patient check-ups. The tasks that are assigned to you will be dependent on your level of medical experience. For example, pre-medical students will be mainly observing medical professionals, while final year students and nursing students will be better able to take a more hands on approach with patients.

Your itinerary for this programme will depend on the particular departments you have chosen to gain experience in, and on the current priorities of the hospital. Below is a sample itinerary for this programme.

Day 1: Arrival
Touch down in Delhi! A representative carrying a sign will meet you and transport you to your accommodation. We’re sure you’ll be grateful for the air conditioned car!

Day 2: Orientation
Today will feature a comprehensive orientation, detailing hospital guidelines, safety measures, your role and the schedule you’ll be following. You’ll also gain valuable information about the local area, including transport tips and places to see. This will be your chance to ask questions about your role as a medical intern and life in Delhi! You can opt to participate in a Language and Orientation week, in which case the remainder of your week will be spent learning more about local culture and customs and helping you to familiarise yourself with Delhi.

Days 3 – 6: Volunteer Work
Providing you haven’t opted to complete the Orientation week, your role begins today!

A typical day will begin at 9:00am and end at 5:00pm, with 30 minutes to 1 hour for lunch, and your days will be spent carrying out your medical duties. You’ll be expected to make your own way to the hospital, and tuk-tuks are readily available outside your accommodation and the hospital. On the first day of your placement, you’ll be accompanied to the hospital by a member of staff.

You’ll continue to volunteer from Monday to Friday for the duration of your internship. The minimum duration is 2 weeks, while the maximum is 12.

Day 7-8: Weekends are your free time
You’ll have free time each weekend to explore Delhi and the surrounding area! Head to M Market to pick up some souvenirs, head to Jaipur to check out vibrant local markets, or take part in a tasty street food tour! Excursions can be arranged – go white water rafting in Rishikesh, visit Rajasthan to experience Ranthambore National Park and a range of stunning forts, or head to Himachal Pradesh for an invigorating trek and majestic mountain views!

More Trip Info

  • Accommodation in gated community
  • Delhi Airport Pick Up
  • Orientation day
  • Project Coordination and Support
  • Breakfast and Dinner from Mon-Sat at Volunteer House
  • Medical Experience at a local hospital
  • Internship Certificate Upon Programme Completion
  • 24 hour Emergency Support

  • Flights
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Lunches
  • Meals on Sundays
  • DBS
  • Vaccination
  • Local Transport
  • Return airport transfer
  • Personal expenses

More Whats Included

Your accommodation during your internship is included. You’ll be staying at one of three volunteer houses in South Delhi. The accommodation is within a very secure, gated community and communal areas feature CCTV cameras. There is a house manager and cook on site, and your accommodation is situated in S Block, a safe area that is under surveillance.

Your accommodation is spacious and clean and has complimentary Wi-Fi, hot water showers, air conditioning, modern toilets, satellite television and comfy beds. The accommodation is conveniently located, being close to banks, cafes and restaurants, and all 3 houses are within walking distance of one another. You’ll be staying in single sex dorm rooms on a shared basis, and couples can be accommodated – just let us know if you’re planning to participate with somebody else. Your placement will be between 10 and 30 minutes away from your accommodation and you’ll be responsible for travelling to and from your placement each day. The popular M Market is within walking distance of your accommodation. Here you’ll find western shops, cafes and convenience shops.

Please note that you are not permitted to consume alcohol in your accommodation, but you’ll find bars in the local M Market.

While staying at your volunteer accommodation you will be provided with breakfast and dinner between Monday and Saturday. Typical breakfast meals include parantha, tea, jam and porridge, while for dinner you can expect authentic Indian dishes such as lentil daal, vegetables, rice and curries. Lunches are not provided, and on Sunday no meals are provided. This will give you the opportunity to sample some local cuisine, and we’ve listed some must try dishes below:

  • Parantha: the perfect snack, any time of day. Stuff it with cauliflower or dhal to make a tasty treat on the go.
  • Butter Chicken: Unlike your typical takeaway dish! Tandoori chicken is tossed with a combination of butter and tomatoes. Yum!
  • Vegetable Biryani: Cooked in a pot served with dough. Perfectly cooked rice meets fresh, crisp veg in a cloak of seductive spices.
  • Mutton Kebabs: Watch as your spiced meat is grilled over hot coals. Carnivores rejoice!
  • Fruit Sandwiches: Exotic, tropical fruits are finely sliced, coated with sugar and stuffed between bread. Unusual but unmissable.

Food Hygiene
Asian cuisine is very diverse. Spice blends are used often to enhance the flavour of meat, seafood and vegetables, and dishes range from mild and creamy to hot and spicy! There’s something for all food preferences, however, and you’ll never be short of choice! It is worth noting that Hindus do not eat beef and Muslims do not eat pork, so there is a wide variety of lovely vegetarian cuisine in India, and particular meat dishes may not be widely available in some regions.

The following tips are worth reading (and remembering!) regarding food and drink in India:

  • Avoid salads, uncooked vegetables and un-pasteurised milk products such as cheese, as raw food is subject to contamination. Always peel your fruit yourself.
  • Undercooked and raw meat, fish and shellfish may carry intestinal pathogens
  • Cooked food that has been allowed to stand at room temperatures for several hours must be thoroughly reheated before consumption. If you are unsure about something avoid eating it altogether.
  • Do not consume any yoghurt that has been diluted with water
  • Wash your hands before all meals as you may often be eating without cutlery
  • Tap water is only safe if boiled, filters and purification tablets are never 100% effective. Bottled water is always the safest option
  • Avoid fruit juice and any beverages that have ice made from un-boiled water in them
  • Ensure that any bottled water you purchase has an unbroken seal and try to stick to reputable brands
  • Ensure that all dishes and silverware have been cleaned thoroughly
  • Brush your teeth with bottled or purified water
  • Hot beverages should be boiled fully before consumption

More Accommodation & Meals

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More Flights Info

You should arrange your flights to arrive into Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) on your programme start date where you will be met by one of our representatives and transferred to your accommodation. Airport pick-ups are available between 6:30am and 10:00pm, arrivals outside of these times will incur an additional charge, please contact us for further details. 

You should arrange your flights to depart from Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) on your programme end date, there are no activities planned for your 

You may choose to arrive before your programme start date and book extra nights of accommodation for an additional fee. Pick up hours are between 6:30am and 10:00pm, so you should book a flight that arrives within these hours if possible.

To arrange your flights, contact our fantastic flights team on 01892 277037 or email them at [email protected] They will be able to search for the best flight offers to your chosen destinations, so you can plan and organise your trip in one place. Just make sure you give them your full name, as stated in your passport, along with your chosen departure dates, return dates, and any other details you want to include.

More Arrival Info

The minimum age for this trip is 18. In order to participate in this programme there are some requirements you’ll need to meet:

  • Detailed and up to date CV
  • Statement of motivation is required – your chance to outline why you’d like to participate in this internship and discuss any relevant experience
  • Letter of recommendation from a non-relative. We can provide you with a template for this document so that you’re aware of what it should include. The letter should be from a medical professional that you have worked with previously or your university professor. 
  • Certificates or documentation from medical or nursing institution that states you are currently studying a relevant course. This can include medicine, nursing, bio-medicine and pharmacy students. 
  • You must be in at least your first year of study in a relevant course. This can include medicine, nursing, bio-medicine and pharmacy students.
  • Up to date Enhanced DBS
  • Able to commit to internship programme for a minimum of 2 weeks

This is a programme that will require an Enhanced DBS Check. Please contact us for further information on obtaining your DBS.

Visa Information
All UK passport holders must apply for a visa before travelling to India. Other nationalities should consult their relevant embassy for visa and travel information.

It will be your responsibility to apply for and obtain the relevant visas for your travels. Most countries require you to have at least 6 months’ validity on your passport before your intended stay. For stays of less than 30 days, UK (and a number of other nationalities) can apply for an Indian E-Visa, however if you will be in India for more than 30 days you will need to apply for a Tourist Visa from your nearest Indian Embassy.

More Eligibility & FAQ's

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