Not going to uni?

Choices, choices... Whether you've just missed out on a university spot or you've had enough of studying all together, we've got plenty of adventurous, challenging and worthwhile alternatives up our sleeve that are much more fun than anything you can do on campus...

A career climbing break... Now is the perfect time to set off on a gap year experience! Not only will have the experience of a lifetime, the skills a gap year can give you to boost your CV are like an employer's dream tick list. Confidence, organisation, drive, adaptability and cultural awareness are just a few key skills you can develop and use when you get back.

Short on time? No problem; our trips run from just 2 weeks to a year so you can take your pick from volunteering, adventure, conservation and sports programmes across the globe or if you're running low on funds, why not set off on a paid work programme and earn some spending money to fund your travels!

Employer impressing experiences... there are so many fantastic trips to choose from we thought we'd give you a hand, so we've picked our top 10 trips to get you noticed in that all important interview, check them out below...

Top Ten Ideas For Your Gap Adventure

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