Peter Green Review

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Helping look after orphaned and injured African wildlfe and having hands on time with some of them especiallySAmira the beautiful cheetah! A great bonus was helping teach young San bushmen children. Doing something worthwhile for African wildlife - not just watching them as on a sfari! Spending time with and learning from the inspirational founders of the Sanctuary Marlice and Rudie and the passionate and friendly staff. Enjoying the company of the multi-national volunteers and making some very good friends who I hope will endure.

Tips for other travellers?

Be prepared to work hard and at times get messy - it's all worthwhile when you feed and spend time with the animals! Don't be squeamish about handling raw meat for carnivores - you didn't kill it and you don't have to eat it - they do! Accept responsibilty the staff give you - they have faith in you and you will learn a lot!