Louisa Lane Review

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Everything, when I was still in the UK dreaming about backpacking across Australia this surf camp is exactly what came to mind. Gorgeous beach, amazing people, camp fire and surfing. The location is incredible and you're really made to feel at home there. Aside from everything else, if you go to Australia and don't surf then you haven't really been!

Tips for other travellers?

1 - Typical English girl I turned up saying I couldn't wait to get in the sea etc. I quickly learnt it's called the ocean out there and they will think you're a bit of a strange one if you wander around calling it the sea. From then on I was (I like to think affectionately) known as London. Ocean = good, Sea = bad. 2 - Not everybody gets to go and live on a surf camp, make the most of it! I wish I'd stayed longer. 3 - Stay in touch with people, you'll meet the most amazing people who will become your life long friends.