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Get your Travel Piggy Bank

We know this year seems very uncertain, and your travel plans might have been thrown off. Instead of spending your birthday on the beach in Thailand, you'll be in the exotic paradise that is your living room. To help make your future travel seem a little closer, we have launched our new 'Travel Piggy Bank'. You can start saving for your travels, and you'll be first in line to book on your dream trip as soon as you (and the world) are ready. Most importantly, you'll have something to look forward to during these crazy times...

  • For each £1 you put into your Travel Piggy Bank, we'll give you 5% extra credit on us. When you're ready to confirm your trip and start date, just let us know.
  • Work for the NHS, or you're an emergency services worker? We'll double it, to 10% extra credit!
  • We are running some exclusive discounts on 2021 start dates next year. Convert your Travel Piggy Bank and confirm your discounted start date whilst it's on offer, and you can save even more!

All you need to confirm your trip and start date when the time comes it to have enough money in your Travel Piggy Bank to cover the deposit, which starts from as little as £49.

To get your own Travel Piggy Bank just follow the steps below. You can start saving and earning today, and you'll be one step closer to that beach in paradise...

See full terms and conditions here.

Please note: If you have an existing trip(s) booked with Real Gap Experience you cannot use the Travel Piggy Bank against your existing booking. The Travel Piggy Bank is for new bookings only; you can set up a Travel Piggy Bank for use for any additional trip(s) only.

Set up your piggy bank below