Volunteer Abroad

Whether you have one or twelve weeks to spare, volunteering abroad can be a life changing experience for the volunteer, and incredibly beneficial to an underprivileged community too. All of our projects were either established by NGO's or the locals, ensuring that the time our volunteers spend within the projects will benefit the community in a sustainable manner. This is incredibly important to us here at Real Gap Experience!

There are so many plus points to volunteering abroad - not only will you be doing something really great in your free time, but you'll get the chance to suss out the culture of the area, make new friends, develop your CV (so you smash that interview like a boss!) and help a community that's in need. It's a great way to shake up your travel plans - by combining trips like our Thai Experience with an extension in our elephant project for example, you could get the best of both worlds. (Besides, who doesn't want to volunteer with elephants? Talk about a once in a lifetime experience!)

Whether you're thinking of working with children on a community project or helping with conservation wildlife projects, you'll know that your time will be make a massive difference. Our team have all volunteered during their travels, so if you need any advice on where to go or what type of volunteering would suit you just get in touch!