BREXIT - What does it mean for travellers?

There are a lot of questions at the moment surrounding the Brexit decision and what this means for travellers. With this in mind we've pulled together some top tips and answers to our most frequently asked questions…

Will Brexit affect my travelling plans?

Until the UK officially leaves the EU there won't be any changes to your holiday arrangements. Whilst the UK is still part of the EU you're still free to move between the UK and EU as you were before, European Health Insurance cards are still valid and Air Passenger Rights remain in place.

Will it be more expensive to go on holiday or travelling?

You've probably already seen changes in exchange rates since the Brexit decision. With this in mind the money you take travelling might not go as far as it used to. For example, with a 10% weakening of the pound, a 60p bottle of beer in Thailand will now cost you 72p. A £40 bungee jump in South Africa will cost £48.

One good way to avoid the weakening of currency yet still travel, is to work abroad. We offer paid work trips in Australia, New Zealand and China, meaning you can fund your travels and embrace new cultures. Plus if you're planning to bring money home with you, it will be worth more.

We are recommending anyone who is thinking of travelling this summer to book their trip as soon as possible due to places booking up fast. Give us a call on 01892 277040 for any travel advice.  

Will the cost of flights increase?

Potentially... Most airlines ‘buy' their fuel in advance in order to deal with unpredictable prices and currency. This is why it's unlikely that flight prices will fluctuate as dramatically or as frequently as currencies have been. However, despite this we always recommend buying your flights as early as possible to get the best prices. We have in-house flight specialists who can help with this, so if you're yet to have these secured give us a call.

I'm travelling to Europe this summer - is my passport still valid and do I need a visa?

Whilst the UK is part of the EU there aren't any changes to passports or visa requirements. When the UK officially leaves, there is most likely going to be a gradual update as existing passports expire, however this it yet to be confirmed. In regards to visas, until the UK officially leaves the EU will there be no change visa arrangements. If you're in doubt check the FCO for the country you're travelling.

Is my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) still valid?

Yes your EHIC can still be used abroad and there is no immediate change. Only once the agreement has been made between the UK and other EU countries will there be any changes.

Will roaming charges increase?

Once we have left the EU, the UK Government will have to implement a new law on roaming charges. At the moment there are no immediate changes to using your phone abroad, only once we have left will there be amendments to roaming charges.

REMEMBER: ‘Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer'.

Although the referendum result has added some uncertainty to the future of the UK economy and the financial powers of the pound, we would like to stress just how much travel is an investment in to yourself; you'll have memories to treasure forever, you'll have friends all over the globe and you'll have experienced multiple cultures making you a diversified and well-rounded individual… don't let this political occurrence get in the way of your globetrotting dreams, you can fix the economy when you come home ;)

If you have any other questions or want to get your spot booked to ensure the best prices, give us a call on 01892 277040 or email [email protected].