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Whether you’re travelling for two weeks or two years, trekking the Amazon in Ecuador or fruit picking in Australia, insurance is an essential part of your adventure and will help you enjoy your travels, secure in the knowledge that you have the protection you need. In fact, everyone travelling with us must have adequate cover before their trip begins.

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Of course you are free to buy insurance from any provider, however at Real Gap Experience, we have travel insurance that has been specifically designed for the gap year traveller. If you think you’re already covered by an existing policy, such as those offered by credit card providers, check the policy wording very carefully to ensure it covers you for your Real Gap trip, specifically:


  • Durations – many policies do not cover you if you’re travelling for more than 31 days. Our policies cover you for the duration you need.
  • Activities – planning to sky-dive, bungee jump, dive, climb Kilimanjaro or work with lions? Traditional budget holiday policies are rarely comprehensive enough to cover adventure travel, so make sure you double check before buying insurance.

To help you get the right cover Endsleigh Insurance and Real Gap Experience have put together three different policy options dependent on the trip you are planning. These are listed below along with prices. For a high-level overview of the policies click here


* Gap Policy: Value protection for the average traveller aged 18-35
* Explorer Policy: Designed for people who would like extra cover available to under 66’s


Up to 2 weeks £30.58 £35.03  
Up to 3 weeks £40.97 £47.64  
Up to 1 month £68.28 £79.40  
Up to 6 weeks £81.93 £95.28  
Up to 7 weeks £95.59 £111.16  
Up to 2 months £122.90 £142.92  
Up to 3 months £155.10 £180.37  
Up to 4 months £199.42 £231.91  
Up to 5 months £243.74 £283.44  
Up to 6 months £299.13 £347.86  
Up to 7 months £303.72 £316.53  
Up to 8 months £342.91 £357.38  
Up to 9 months £391.90 £408.43  
Up to 10 months £431.09 £449.27  
Up to 11 months £470.28 £490.11  
Up to 12 months £509.47 £530.96  

For cover over 12 months contact our team on 01273 647220 for a free quote.

Important Conditions Relating to Health
By opting to take the insurance you have agreed that you have read and accepted the important conditions relating to health in order to have the full protection of your policy. Failure to comply with these conditions may jeopardise your claim or cover. It is a condition of this policy that you will not be covered for any claims arising directly or indirectly from: The important conditions relating to health can be found in the policy terms and conditions.
If you are unsure if cover is available to you / traveller then please email


For further information read the related policy documents below


Gap Policy Document

Gap Key Facts


Explorer Policy Document

Explorer Key Facts 


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