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Worldwide Gap Year & Backpacker Travel Insurance

Whether you’re travelling for two weeks or two years, trekking the Amazon in Ecuador or fruit picking in Australia, insurance is an essential part of your adventure and will help you enjoy your travels, secure in the knowledge that you have the protection you need. In fact, everyone travelling with us must have adequate cover before their trip begins.

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Here's what's great about our policies:


  • They have been specifically tailor-made for our trips
  • You can choose the right duration for your total time away (not just while you're travelling with us)
  • We've worked hard to keep our prices low but make sure you have great cover
  • Choose between our excellent base cover Explorer policy or upgrade for more adventurous cover
  • We are proud to work with Endsleigh Insurance to provide our cover

Together we have designed two policy options - keeping it nice and simple. These are listed below along with prices. You can also choose Worldwide Cover including or excluding the USA, Canada and the Caribbean depending on your destinations.

Explorer: a comprehensive policy that will provide the cover you will need whilst you are travelling with Real Gap.

Adventurer: for those who plan to include a few more adventurous activities such as high altitude trekking, Scuba Diving to 40m, Martial Arts programmes and much more.


Click here to see which activities are covered by each policy
Both policies have the same cover level. For a summary of this click here


Please note: Our policies have a minimum age of 16 and are available to anyone up to 70 years old. Personal accident cover is not included for customers over 55 years old on any of our policies.


Please ensure that the duration of travel insurance booked with Real Gap covers you from the day you depart your home country to the day you return - ie your whole trip including flights. For example, if you book a 2 week project you will need the "up to 3 weeks" policy to cover you. 


Gap Year Insurance (Prices in GBP £)
Worldwide excluding USA,
Canada and Caribbean
                   Worldwide including USA,
                  Canada and Caribbean
Policy: Explorer    Adventurer     Explorer    Adventurer
Up to 1 week 10.51 18.40 12.28 21.50
Up to 2 weeks 21.03 36.79 24.57 43.00
up to 3 weeks 31.54 55.19 36.85 64.49
Up to 4 weeks 42.05 73.59 49.14 85.99
Up to 5 weeks 52.56 91.98 61.42 107.49
Up to 6 weeks 63.08 110.38 73.71 128.99
Up to 7 weeks 73.59 128.78 85.99 150.48
Up to 8 weeks 84.10 147.18 98.28 171.98
Up to 9 weeks 94.61 165.57 110.56 193.48
Up to 10 weeks 105.13 183.97 122.84 214.98
Up to 3 months 147.18 257.56 171.98 300.97
Up to 4 months 189.23 331.14 221.12 386.96
Up to 5 months 231.28 404.73 270.26 494.45
Up to 6 months 229.65 401.88 240.50 420.87
Up to 7 months 263.67 461.42 276.12 483.22
Up to 8 months 297.69 520.96 311.75 561.16
Up to 9 months 340.22 595.38 356.29 623.51
Up to 10 months 374.24 654.92 391.92 684.86
Up to 11 months 408.26 714.46 427.55 748.21
Up to 12 months 442.28 773.99 463.18 810.56




Important Conditions Relating to Health
By opting to take the insurance you have agreed that you have read and accepted the important conditions relating to health in order to have the full protection of your policy. Failure to comply with these conditions may jeopardise your claim or cover. It is a condition of this policy that you will not be covered for any claims arising directly or indirectly from: The important conditions relating to health can be found in the policy terms and conditions. Please read these policy terms and conditions here
To book your travel insurance now call us on 01273 647220.

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