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Alternative Accommodation in Melbourne- Tent Style!

Hi guys, it's Soph again! I've just moved 'houses' to save a bit of cash for my up and coming travels outside of Australia, and thought I'd let you all in on where I'm staying!

For those of you who have been following the fantastic @Soph_and_Alice twitter feed, you'll know that my working visa is almost up and that my holiday is about to begin! With that in mind, I am desperate to save every last cent. So apart from the obvious costs (travel, credit, alcohol...) I knew I had to look at my major, purse munching cost: accomodation. Duh, duh, duh!
I'd been staying at a fantastic hostel called 'The Nunnery', but at $230 a week for a 13 bed dorm, it was proving too costly for a long term stay. The next evening I then tried staying the night at a cheap, cheap hostel (disclaimer: they are this cheap for a reason!) before promptly checking out the next day. After all the other hostels were booked out I knew I had to think outside the box, and then childhood memories all came flooding back: I would stay at a campsite.
A quick dash round 'Aussie disposables' for a tent and Ikea for pots and pans, and there you are- we're here and loving Real Gap style camp life! For $115 a week, half of what I was paying at The Nunnery- I get the use of 2 swimming pools, a jacuzzi, BBQ's AND a plasma TV (of course the obligatory ping pong table is also included; ace!). The best thing about camping is that you get your own space- which is amazing after living in a hostel for five months. So next time you Aussie Real Gap travellers want to save a few pennies or simply escape the life of a hostel for a bit, check out your local campsite- it's awesome!
Sophie is currently travelling around Australia with Real Gap.



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