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Freaky Festivals

Today's post marks the start of our ever so spooky Halloween week here at the Real Gap office. Ooooooo!

Remember those parties you used to go to when you were five? You donned the witch’s hat, ate too much candy, and probably ran around screaming ‘TRICK OR TREAT’ in people’s ear holes whilst gasping through vampire teeth? Well scrap that (those memories scar us anyway…) and have a look at these freaky festivals from around the world. But beware; if you’re a wuss then this is not for you, they’re not for the faint hearted!


Or should that read, stomach-krampus? According to Austrian legend, Krampus is a mystical creature who accompanies Santa on his duties during the Christmas season, before swooping the bad kids up and lobbing them in his sack. Does he let them free? Does he heck, they become his Christmas dins! The even scarier aspect of this festival is the beyond creepy Krampus mask; you certainly want to see this guy down a dark alley…

‘Doom Shall Rise’

Thought that guy Krampus was bad? Then all Britney fans look away, ‘Doom Shall Rise’, a German heavy metal music festival, is all about the doom and gloom. Combining the musical genres of: traditional doom, epic doom, funeral doom and drone doom, it is certainly not the place for happy campers.

Day of The Dead

On the 1st of November, everything shuts down in Mexico on the ‘Day of the Dead’, a national holiday where Mexican's remember friends and family members who have died. Nice enough thought (if that’s your sort of thing) but during the olden pre-Hispanic days, skulls were often kept as trophies and displayed during the festivities to symbolize death and rebirth. I think we’ll pass…

Cat Wednesday (Kattenwoensdog)

Pet lovers, look away- this reeks of animal cruelty! Around 200 years old, Ypres in Belgium was over run by mice galore. So what did they do, I hear you cry? Grab a load of cats, and get them on the case, of course. But surprise, surprise there were then too many cats, so ‘as you do’ they decided to get said cats and throw them off a tall tower. Nice. Nowadays it’s all about the toy cats, thank goodness…. (we would’ve been right on to the RSPCA otherwise!)

The moral of the story? The world’s one WEIRD place, and after looking through some of the scariest festivals out there, I think it’s safe to say that Halloween now looks pretty normal…

*Image copyrighted to Anita Martinz (Perchtenlauf Klagenfurt) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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