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Thanksgiving Week- Part 1!

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest celebrations in the US, and most people in the UK know diddly squat about the occasion. Apart from the fact that we should be ‘thankful’ our knowledge didn’t stretch much further... until today that is! To celebrate in style we’ve decided to declare this week as ‘Thanksgiving Week’ on the Real Gap blog- expect place profiles, US facts and tonnes of good ole US goodness, Real Gappers!

To kick off Thanksgiving week, we’re going to be filling you in on the ins and outs of Thanksgiving. After our little schooling sesh you’ll be completely clued up on the occasion, so consider us your head teacher for the day! (Scary thought, considering we haven’t got one mean/menacing bone in our body! Wish us luck...)

Thanksgiving Fact 1: Thanksgiving is celebrated once a year, and to confuse us all- in Canada it’s on the second Monday in October, and in the US it’s on the forth Thursday in November. Thanks for making that easy to remember, North America...

Thanksgiving Fact 2: Abraham Lincoln issued a Thanksgiving Proclamation on the 3rd of October 1863 and from there on in set the whole 'forth Thursday in November' thing into action in the US. Most of the time the celebrations last well into the weekend though- bring on the good times!

Thanksgiving Fact 3: In the US alone, about 280 million Turkeys are sold for Thanksgiving celebrations. Not only that, but each year the National Turkey Federation give the president a turkey that he 'pardons', which then swans off to a farm where it'll live out the rest of its little turkey life in style. Beats being basted in an oven any day!

Thanksgiving Fact 4: And you've guessed it- we were right all the long; the main reason for thanksgiving is to be thankful. GENIUS.

So there you have it, with those fun Thanksgiving facts under your belt you can practically class yourself as American! Expect updates galore on the grand old USA over the next week. Cheers!

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