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Tuesday Bluesday... It's Time For a Flash Sale!

It's January. We're all a bit down; it's wet and it's grey and we want to get away. So, what should you do next? Book a big trip and escape the doom and gloom, that's what!

We've scoured through our best trips for this time of year to show you where you could be! Ditch the UK and say 'HELLO' to the world!

1) Thailand- I don't think we even need to explain why Thailand is completely awesome. It's scorching hot, exotic, there's cheap everything (cough- drinks, cough) and the Thailand Experience is one of our most popular trips ever. Not hard to see why! (Our Feb 23rd departure date is now only £800- save £199! Hench!)

2) India- It's 31c in India this week. 31 DEGREES? We can barely remember what that feels like! Our India Experience takes you from a camel trek in a desert to the Taj Mahal, to the sandy beaches of Goa. Until Thursday morning we've knocked £200 off the price of our IE so it's now the lowest price we've ever sold it for in the history of RG! But hurry on now, *that* offer ends soon!

3) South Africa- It's the sizzling summer in the bloomin' beautiful South Africa at the moment, and so NOW is the time to reap in all the benefits! To add to our flash sale list of decency, we've got another one for you- our South Africa Experience is now from only £720. Save a bundle up until Friday!

So we've now dished out a thousand reasons to you on a plate as to why you should leave the UK and see the world over the next few months. Gotta love a flash sale!



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