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Gap year Europe

Head to Europe for great food, great fun and some of the world's most incredible sights and cities. Check out France and Spain for some Mediterranean flair and then if you're looking for something a bit diiferent hear east to Russia, or Moldova (situated between Romania and Ukraine)

Adventure travel Europe

From the last outpost of Communism (the self-declared republic of Transdniestr in Moldova), to the lava fields of Kamchatcka in Russia, or skiing in the Alps, adventure travel in Europe has so many choices.

Student travel Europe

Europe has plenty for students, backpackers and young people. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the cultural hotspots of Paris and Moscow, where art and music have influenced the world, or want to explore the nightlife of Chisinau in Moldova, student travel in Europe is a short trip away.

Volunteer work Europe

There are a number of ways to give back to local communities, through volunteer work in Europe. There are valuable and rewarding projects teaching English, or working with underprivileged or neglected children. In Europe, there are few better ways of get more deeply involved in the local culture than volunteer work.


Europe Tours
All Europe Tours All Europe

Idyllic islands, vibrant villages and spellbinding cities - Europe has it all! A patchwork of culture is right on your doorstep and ready to be discovered!

Top Europe Trips
Croatia Tours Croatia

Set in the border of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia offers the ideal holiday mix: With breath-taking national parks, fortified medieval towns and stunning coastline.

Top Croatia Trips
France Tours France

The perfect destination for culture vultures! Experience the joie de vivre of Paris, check out inspiring museums, or head to green valleys for picturesque peace. France makes for a revolutionary trip!

Top France Trips
Greece Tours Greece

Aquamarine coastlines meet Azure skies on a trip to Greece and no trip would be complete without visiting the capital Athens and seeing the Acropolis.

Top Greece Trips
Iceland Tours Iceland

A Nordic island made famous by its incredible volcanic landscapes - be mesmerised by geysers or relax and unwind in steaming hot springs. Go in search of the legendary of the aurora borealis!

Top Iceland Trips
Italy Tours Italy

Italy combines unique historical sights with awe-inspiring art and architecture. Whether you're touring Rome or getting lost on the streets of Venice, Italy is sure to impress.

Top Italy Trips
Multi-Country Europe Tours Multi-Country Europe

The perfect destination for both travellers who are just passing through and see the sights or those who want to stay and find their own niche in local life and earn some money while doing so!

Top Multi-Country Europe Trips
Spain Tours Spain

Spain is the second largest country in Western Europe and boasts an incredible range of landscapes over 17 regions or autonomous communities.

Top Spain Trips